Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30 something from London and now your first thought is probably 'well, why the heck is your blog called Belle's Moments and not Sarah's' and there's actually 2 very good reasons for that, firstly Belle is my alter ego I guess you'd call it, well kind of. She's the person I am when I have my face on, when I'm running around Disney having fun, when I'm going somewhere special, because of course life isn't always that exciting and perfect I think its fun to have the 'other' side of your life with a fantasy name and of course I would pick my favourite Disney princess, because in my dreams, I am Princess Belle ;) and secondly, when I first started this blog I'll be honest and admit that I had no imagination with the name, which you can clearly tell and failed to realise a couple of years later I'd feel like I'd outgrow using a fake name but alas, what's done is done and my blog is called Belle's moments because to be quite honest, Sarah's moment's aren't as fun and exciting.

I'm a Disney loving grown up child, yes I'm not ashamed to admit that even though I am in my 30's, I'm obsessed with Disney, and quite frankly I actually see no reason why I should be ashamed of it because Disney is not just for kids and anybody who think it is, well erase them from your life, you don't need negative people like that ;)
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