Hi, I'm Sarah, a 30 something from London who loves Disney, travel and has an addiction to stationery & lipsticks.
So why the blog name I hear you ask, or maybe you don't even care but I'll tell you anyway haha, when I first started this blog I'll be honest and admit that I had no imagination with the name, which you can clearly tell and failed to realise a couple of years later I'd feel like I'd outgrow using a fake name but alas, what's done is done and my blog is called Belle's Moments because to be quite honest, Sarah's Moment's aren't as fun and exciting anyway.

Disclaimer - I am 100% honest in all my posts, if I have been gifted a product to review all opinions will be completely open and truthful and any posts that contain gifted product(s) or are sponsored will be marked with * and stated at the end of each post.
I also use affiliate links on my home page and throughout some posts, this will just mean that now and then if you purchase through the link I may make a very small percentage but it will not effect the cost of the sale for you
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