Hi, I'm Belle, well I am but as you've probably guessed unfortunately that isn't actually my real name,  I'm actually Sarah, a UK based lifestyle, beauty, travel & Disney blogger (Disney Princess) but Belle is my alter ego, well kind of. She's the person I am when I have my face on, when I'm running around Disney having fun, when I'm going somewhere special, because of course life isn't always that exciting and perfect I think its fun to have the 'other' side of your life with a fantasy name and of course I would pick my favourite Disney princess because in my dreams, I am Princess Belle. I also do have the biggest place in my heart for Minnie Mouse, I absolutely adore her and can never resist anything with her on or that resembles her, my kitchen is full of red & white polka dot items.

I'm a Disney obsessed grown up child, yes I'm not ashamed to admit I'm in my 30's and obsessed with Disney, and quite frankly I see no reason why I should be ashamed of that because Disney is not just for kids and anybody who think it is, well erase them from your life, you don't need people like that ;)
I love nothing more in life than planning holidays and travelling and even better if it involves Disney.
My other big love in life is spending, spending on makeup and shoes, shoes and makeup that I probably don't even really need but a girl can never have too many shoes and too much makeup right, right?! and of course there are other things I love in life like family & friends, baking, eating, sleeping, as well as trips away and days out I of course love my relaxing time so much, curled up on the sofa watching a film with a cup of tea and plenty of snacks is pretty much my idea of a perfect day/night.
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