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Last month I returned to my beloved Disneyland for a fun filled 5 days of magic in Walt's original park and it was so great to be back, there's something truly special about visiting Disneyland and despite this being my 5th trip, it still feels as special as the first.

Lottie and I actually planned this trip so we could finally attend Dapper Day, something we'd been speaking about wanting to do for some time now and with another trip approaching that of course only meant one thing, our favourite part of the pre trip planning....outfit planning. Eventually all outfits we planned, made, packed and we were on our way to the happiest place on earth. So here's a day by day recap of what I wore and yes, I did wear one than one outfit on some days.

Day 1 - There was only one outfit to kick off this trip and that was Mickey's Mouse Party, in honour of Mickey celebrating his 90th birthday with the Mouse party, I just had to go dressed ready for it

Top: H&M // Bow: Lottie Bounds // Skirt: Lottie Bounds // Shoes: Primark

Dress: H&M // Belt: New Look // Shoes: Primark

But of course there was more than 1 outfit on our first day and number 2 was something that I actually kind of threw together last minute because I wanted some photos in the Cars land area and was only working with pieces I already owned, and figured this lemon dress would be great for a Luigi bound, of course pairing it with a black belt and shoes to help.

Day 2 - was another day for 2 outfits, the first was not my main outfit for the day and I planned it for mainly one reason and you may all laugh, but I put it together purely to get photos in a couple of areas, with it being spring and absolutely perfect timing it meant the pink trees were in bloom and I definitely needed some cute over the top pink photos

Ears: MaleficEars // Top: eBay // Skirt: Lottie Bounds // Shoes: Topshop

The second outfit today was one of my overall favourites of the trips, it came about after I spotted a necklace on Instagram that was being released and I instantly fell in love with and knew I had to do a full on outfit, with the help from Lottie, a lot of help this outfit came together so perfectly and she really did kill it with this skirt.
If there's a ride in California that really signifies the parks to me it's Mickey's Fun Wheel, now I know it's not actually called that anymore but a little part of me is still not over those changes and when I think of California I often think of Paradise Pier as it once was and it's one of my favourite areas to see photos from, so without me babbling on anymore, here's my take on Mickey's fun wheel  

Ears: Chasing Childhood // Necklace: Grape Soda Club // Patch & Skirt: Lottie Bounds

Day 3 - Finally today did not involve taking a bag of clothes in the park just to do an outfit change haha, but that was hugely because this outfit definitely deserved a full day of glory and after the amount of work that went into it I wanted to make sure it got it's special time, today was 'celebration' day and I was going all out with the Minnie style

Ears: Luby & Lola // Top: made myself // Skirt: Lottie Bounds

Day 4 - another day, another one with no outfit changes, shock I know! Today was definitely a more relaxed and casual day but I ended up with so obsessed with this outfit, sometimes it's nice to just throw on a t-shirt and some shorts and just have a cute park outfit without much effort, ok who am I kidding, I carefully put this one together just like the others ;)

Knotband: Lottie Bounds // T-shirt: Magic Moon Club // Belt: Primark // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: Vans

Day 5 - the day the trip was all about, Dapper Day and honestly one of the most fun days I've ever had in a Disney park and let's be honest, it wouldn't be me if I just had one dapper outfit, so today I wore two because if you can't decide between them, my answer is just go with both. My first outfit was a dress I'd been wanting to get photos wearing in the parks as soon as I first bought it and Dapper Day was the perfect time for it

Knotband: Magic and Main Street // Shirt embroidery: Closet Geek // Skirt: Lottie Bounds 

Outfit 2 came about because I'd be wanting to do a Flo's Cafe inspired outfit for sometime, the colours just draw me and and then I came up with the idea of doing a bit of a 50's diner style outfit for it and how perfect it would work for Dapper Day

Day 6 - was another casual outfit which to be honest I didn't put too much thought into because we only had a few hours in the park before heading to the airport and we wanted to just relax and enjoy them 

Ears: Disney Parks // T-shirt: Primark // Skirt: Topshop

And there it is - 6 days, 9 outfits and a lifetime of memories from another wonderful Disneyland trip, I'm already planning outfits for the next one ;)

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