What stateroom to book on Disney Cruise Line

When it comes to booking a cruise, one of the important things to decide is the type of stateroom, now I've wanted to write a post for sometime now talking about my experience and opinions on the subject and now having finally sailed in an oceanview I can do so.

Well I can compare the main 3 anyway because I'm yet to win the lottery or find a suitcase of money left on my doorstep to be able to afford concierge or a suite, one day though, one day, so unless you have money growing on the tree at the end of your garden then you're likely be deciding between an inside, oceanview & verandah. 

The most obvious question when deciding on a stateroom is - is a verandah worth it? and the quick answers is yes, but would I book one for every cruise? no, and here's why. My first cruise was a 4 night one, in an inside stateroom and at no point did I wish I'd had a verandah, of course it would have been nice but I didn't feel like I was missing out by not having one and if it came down to more cruises in an inside stateroom or less with a verandah then I wouldn't give my choice a second thought, 100% inside because of course, with a verandah comes extra cost which although sometimes can be a small difference that makes you think 'well I might as well just book the verandah' there are times when the difference is more significant.
Now my 2nd cruise was 7 nights and initially I had an inside stateroom booked again but closer to the time the price to upgrade to a verandah became too good to ignore, now I loved having that balcony, having a private area outside to enjoy the sea breeze, sunrise, sunset, a drink or even some food while watching the ocean felt so tranquil and a lovely added bonus but in all honestly, I definitely didn't make use of it as much as I expected because there's just so much fun happening that you spend little time in your stateroom anyway and I obviously didn't get sucked in to the need for it on every cruise since because my one after I went back to inside, then came the oceanview, the room type I do not find worth the added cost from an inside.

On my most recent cruise we opted to give the oceanview a try, not wanting to stretch the cost to a verandah but my sister not wanting to have an inside room (she's never tried one) we met in the middle and while it was nice to have a little natural light in the room, not much came in due to the location down on deck 2 and angle of the window we at least could tell if the sun had at least risen each morning but in all honestly, the lack of daylight in an inside room doesn't bother me and it had no other added benefit other than that, well it is slightly larger but again it's not something that is a big enough difference to declare it an absolute must, so £200-300 for a window and an extra 70ish sq ft of space? I'll happily pass and spend the difference in the onboard shops or my next cruise ;)

For me the choice will always be between inside and verandah from now on and unless it's a cruise that's extremely scenic like Alaska or Norway, or longer than 7 nights then I'm happy in an inside stateroom unless I spot a bargain price for a verandah, or even that dream suite, well they can't stop me dreaming can they? 

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