The year ahead as a Disney premier passholder

If you saw my Instagram stories during my most recent trip to Disneyland last month then you may have seen that I made a very big and exciting purchase, one that I'm going to enjoy for the next 12 months, yep I'm an annual pass holder again.

Back on my February 2017 Walt Disney World trip I became a Walt Disney World Passholder which ended up being an amazing year and I'm so glad I made the decision to do it, and before that pass even expired I knew that I'd become one again one day and with a couple of Disneyland trips also in the planning for the upcoming year, it only seemed right that this time I became a Premier Passholder and I now have 365 days entry to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World, pinch me now because I've had the pass almost a month now and it still hasn't sunk in.
During the next year I've made a list of things I'd really love to do while having the pass, some of which, well actually the majority of the things aren't really related to being a Disney Passholder because you don't need one to do them but I figured having it would make many of them much easier to do because already having a ticket makes multiple trips easier and not to mention the lovely  discounts are also a great help

Disneyland & Walt Disney World trip - I've technically done this before but with a cruise in the middle so this time I'd like to full concentrate on the parks and do a trip dedicated to them both, I'd love even more if I could do Disneyland Park & Magic Kingdom in the same day but that may be a little harder to make work so we'll see what happens

New resorts - If you've read my Disney bucket list you may recall I hope to stay at every WDW resort and having already ticked 10 off and not wanting to be unrealistic, I'm setting myself a goal of 3 new ones in the next 12 months but I'd also really love to stay at a Disneyland resort too as I always opt for offsite there due to how close they are and inexpensive in comparison to onsite. I'd also love to do at least one night at WDW in club level but I think my wants are getting a little over the top

All the rides - there's not many rides I haven't done between Disney World and Disneyland but the few that I haven't will be ticked off, I'm going to ensure I finish my 12 months having rode every ride in Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disneyland & California Adventure, yes event he few I absolutely dread, now pass me the sick bag

Moonlight Magic - now obviously this is not something an AP will get me but a very good friend who is also a passholder is a DVC member so knows which of us will convince the other first to a cheeky trip during one of the dates to attend one of these events

Last minute getaway - the last couple of years I've seen last minute events announced, some pass holder exclusives and some not but either way I'd love to just jump on a plane with a few weeks or even days notice and attend something

Merchandise - I want take more advantage of passholder exclusive merchandise this time around as I only got a passholder special pin from Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party last time and there was so much more merchandise to take advantage of than that

Water parks - I've not visited the WDW water parks since my September 2015 visit and to be honest, I've kind of missed them because who doesn't love floating around the lazy river on a hot Florida day or living in fear that your swimwear will still be in place while dropping 120 ft down Summit Plummet? so I'll definitely be heading to at least one of the water parks during a trip in the next 12 months

Collect the magnets - Every season WDW release a special pass holder magnet, they're free to collect but obviously you need to go to the parks to do so, which I guess probably means I also need to visit during each season in 2019 then doesn't it? well challenge accepted

What would you want to do if you were an annual pass holder or what's on your must do list if you are one? because I always need more ideas so feel free to make my list longer

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