Storybook dining at Artist Point

Artist Point was one of the restaurants at Walt Disney World that I always wanted to try but never got around to, when they announced it would be having a makeover and changing to a character dining with Snow White I didn't even care that I would never get to try Artist Point as it was before because I was way too excited that there was going to be a Snow White character dining experience.

I was on my laptop and at the ready to grab an ADR the minute they opened up, it wasn't an easy task as it seemed like everyone else was attempting the same thing but thankfully after a couple of hours I managed to grab that all important ADR for my most recent WDW trip and I couldn't be more excited, a dinner where we'd be meeting Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy & the Evil Queen, amazing.

Surprisingly the dining experience is 1 table service credit if you're on the dining plan but as we weren't it cost $55 plus tax each, and was it worth the money? I'm not so sure, it's a tough one because if I were basing it on the food alone then I'd say it's a definitely not.
It's a set menu with a trio of appetizers and desserts to share and 6 choices for your main, with a good selection but I will say the menu probably isn't for picky eaters at all. The appetisers didn't appeal to me at all, I did give all 3 of them a try but after a quick taste I passed on continuing to eat any of them as none were to my liking, I wouldn't consider myself the fussiest of eaters but I am slightly picky, for my main I opted for the prime rib which is always a favourite of mine of Disney Cruise Line but sadly it didn't wow me here, in fact it wasn't even close to being great, just ok. When it arrived it was not hot enough for my liking and with it being a character meal of course it was impossible to finish before it was merely warm, and let me tell you yorkshire pudding does not taste good when it's not hot and because Snow White, Dopey & Grumpy will pop by our table during this time which made it impossible to eat it quickly, not to mention it was quite fatty and just not the Disney standard I'd expect. As for desserts, I also wasn't wowed by those, you had 3 mini desserts each and none were to my taste so I skipped those too, meaning the meal cost me just under $70 for a luke warm, prime rib that wasn't outstanding and Artist Point definitely doesn't seem to have the signature dining point it once used to,  but then there was the character meets.

The character meets is where I struggle to firmly say it isn't worth it, now obviously there is a couple of places you can already meet Snow White at Walt Disney World but any of the dwarfs is a more difficult one, it's only the Halloween and Christmas parties that you can guarantee to meet them so having somewhere to be to meet Dopey & Grumpy is a brilliant addition and having somewhere to also guarantee a meet with the Evil Queen is another huge plus point. The character interactions were really good, as I previously mentioned Snow White, Dopey & Grumpy all come around to your table during the meal and you have to go up to a photo back drop to meet the Evil Queen who was absolutely terrifying and this is certainly a great experience for the meets alone.

Another thing that I didn't like was how rushed the meal felt, there was hardly anytime between courses and appetizers and mains were practically brought out together which is definitely not something I'm keen on and as we were shown to our table it was mentioned that this would be a 1 hour experience but I didn't realise how rushed this would make the whole thing feel.
If I were on the dining plan I'd say this would be worth it at only 1 table service credit, mainly for the fact you're getting a great character meal experience for only 1 credit but when you're paying, it seems a lot of money for underwhelming food. I've done it now and glad I've got to experience it but it's not somewhere I'll be heading back to again

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