Best things to do on Castaway Cay

Now one of my favourite things about cruising with Disney is getting to visit Castaway Cay, DCL's little piece of paradise in the Bahamas that is their private island. Not every itinerary will stop there but the majority of the Bahamas & Caribbean routes do, so if that's important to you then be sure to make sure the cruises you're looking at do make a visit to this little idyllic island.
During my most recent cruise on the Disney Dream I got to visit for the 3rd time and there were a few things I was especially looking forward to. I remember my first visit here and feeling a little overwhelmed with it because I wanted to do it all, I didn't want to miss out on a single thing but that just wasn't realistic but after 3 visits I finally have an idea of what my favourite things to do while docked here are and how best to spend my time

Serenity Bay - the adults only beach is my favourite spot on the island, although after 3 visits I've noticed there seems to be more seaweed here which is extremely off putting to me because I'm weird about things around my feet in the sea but it's still my favourite place to relax and soak up the sun as it's so peaceful

Meet Characters - now this is something I've not done much, in fact I've only met Jack Sparrow as he was walking down the adults only beach one time, however it's something I always want to do because Mickey & the gang have the cutest beach outfits on but I always get unlucky and go past when the queues are super long, so hopefully next time

Eat - well this is me haha, I love food so this was bound to be on the list but just like on the actual cruise, there is some fab food to be had on Castaway Cay especially is bbq is your thing and another bonus for you adult only travellers is there's also an 18+ only eating area right by Serenity Bay

Float rental - one of my favourite ways to relax on the island especially when it's extremely hot is to hire a giant ring float and sit back in the sea relaxing, while hoping I don't fall asleep and drift off only to be kidnapped by those pirates lurking in the Bahamas ;)

Hire water bikes - this is something I've only done once but it was great fun, albeit hard work so if that's not your thing then make sure you share the bike with someone you can trick into thinking you're doing the work too when in fact they're definitely doing the majority

Take photos - I know, I know some of you are likely rolling your eyes and thinking it's time to be relaxing, not worrying about taking photos and believe me I'm definitely doing that too but I love taking photos and Castaway Cay is such a stunning place that it's got so many amazing spots to grab some pictures

Have you visited Castaway Cay? I'd love to hear some of your favourite things not to miss while on the island

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