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A couple of weeks ago was the first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party of 2018 and while I definitely think Walt Disney World are starting these parties too early now, I remember on my first ever visit back in 2005, I was out there for a week from 23rd September and there wasn't a Halloween decoration in sight, admittedly I wish there had been as I do think the Halloween season should have started by then but August, nope just too early.
Anyway moving on from the slight moan and my view on thinking WDW are wrong and tsrating Halloween too early, the point is the parties are starting and sadly I won't be attending this year but that doesn't stop me wishing I were and thinking about what my priorities would be if I was so I'm here to help any lucky person reading this who will be attending one of the 34 party nights this year with what I think you shouldn't miss.
Firstly if you've not been before or even if you have, you may not realise this but despite the party starting at 7pm you can actually go into Magic Kingdom from 4pm with your party ticket and for you can even book FP+ for those few hours

7 Dwarfs - if, like me they are on your must do list then I highly recommend heading to their queue almost straight away and when I say straight away I do not mean from party start at 7pm but from when you can enter the park for the party, so between 4-5pm. I got in line for the Dwarfs around 4.30pm last year and luckily had no more than a 30 minute wait once they came out around 6/6.30pm which meant I wasn't spending 2+ hours of party time queuing to meet them, their meet is one of the most popular so if it's important to you then I'd tick it off straight away. Don't forget all the other character meets, another favourite of mine is Lotso who was actually a lot more friendly than I was expecting

Trick or Treat - who doesn't want free candy and lots of it, you're given a little bag with your first lot of treats when you enter and then there are a number of trick or treat stations throughout the park all evening where they'll not only fill up the bag you've already been given but give you another if need be and you can go to these stops as often as you want, the both years I've been to the party I've left with 2 very full bags and enough candy to last months

Boo To You parade - I love a Disney parade, I don't know many people that don't and this is certainly one of my favourites, it's so much fun and the headless horseman is a must see. It's on twice at each party and the 2nd parade is definitely less busy and the one I tend to opt for

Magic shots - just like any regular park day there will be a number of photos photographers throughout the park and some will even be doing special halloween magic shots so make sure you stop by those, they'll be marked on the event map/guide

Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular show - another party exclusive and on a few times through the night, I wasn't sure what to expect with this before I saw it in person, I love the film but just had no idea what this show would be like and it did not disappoint, another great part of the party and a must watch

Dress up - the party is a great opportunity to dress up especially for us in the UK who just don't really get the chance at Halloween because it's just not the big of a deal over here but be warned, don't pick anything too warm because it's far too hot

Have you attended Mickey's not so scary Halloween party before? what are you favourite things to do?

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