My top 10 at Magic Kingdom

If you've been a long time reader you may remember that last September I was keeping a big secret and surprised my sister on her birthday trip to Walt Disney World, due other not thinking I was going I made a big list for her of must do's, my favourite rides, snacks and so on that I thought she should check out, I had always intended to write a series of posts sharing said things but I never did get around to it.....until now.

Finally I'm here and want to share my top 10 things in each park, this might be rides, shows, places to eat, anything that's in said park and of course, what park would I start with other than my favourite.

So here are my 10 favourite things available at Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - one of my absolute favourite rides at Disney World full stop, it was the 2nd ride I ever did on my first trip back in 2005 and the one of those I always need to do multiple times every visit, and it's even better of an evening 

Starbucks strawberry acai refresher - it's become one of those Disney basic things now but these drinks are amazing, in fact I'd probably go as far as saying they're my favourite drink at WDW but there's something even more enjoyable about sitting on the hub grass at Magic Kingdom and having a little rest while enjoying a giant sized beverage, now Starbucks are we ever getting these in the UK?

Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire - who doesn't love this show? I find myself watching this multiple times a day when I'm in Magic Kingdom, I'll usually time my rest, grabbing a drink & sitting on the hub grass with one of the shows and although the view isn't great, I'm happy just listening along as I've usually watched it earlier in the day from in front of the castle anyway

Festival of Fantasy - probably my favourite Disney parade I've seen, the music, the floats, I just love everything about it and it's a must do for my first and last day of each trip, just make sure you get a good spot early enough if you don't want to be trying to watch over other people's heads

Splash Mountain - what's not to love about splash mountain? and on a typical hot Florida day it's a great way to cool down, if you don't mind getting wet ;)

Be our Guest - This isn't a favourite because of the food, while that isn't bad though it's definitely not the most amazing I've had at WDW but the setting and pure beauty of the restaurant is amazing and definitely needs to be experienced. The 3 different areas are all unique and beautiful, this is definitely one you all have to do at some point

Seven Dwarfs Mine train - As a big Snow White & the 7 dwarfs fan I loved this addition to Magic Kingdom but I have just one wish for it, that it was longer, no matter how many times I've been on it as it's time to get off I always find myself wishing it lasted longer. One of my favourite times to ride it is during the fireworks then coming off and watching the rest in Fantasyland

TTA/Peoplemover - is there anywhere better to just take a break while still enjoying views of the park? I love grabbing a drink and jumping on this, there's very rarely a queue or much of one and it's nice and cool

Main Street USA - My favourite area of any park, there's just something special about strolling up and down Main Street USA or sitting with a snack, preferably an ice cream and listening to the music, people watching and taking in all the magic

Plaza Ice Cream - I'm obsessed with grabbing an ice cream from here every time I'm in Magic Kingdom and it's always mint choice chip, I mostly go for the cone but every now and then I'll get extra greedy and opt for the cookie ice cream sandwich, I'm all about the Disney ice cream

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