My top 10 at Animal Kingdom

It goes without saying that Magic Kingdom is my favourite WDW park but it's closely followed by Animal Kingdom, I feel like it's the one park that doesn't get the huge love that it deserves. I always find everyone raves about Magic Kingdom or Epcot that most but I find Animal Kingdom the most beautiful, the thumbing is amazing and I love spending time there. 

A couple of weeks ago I posted my top 10 at Magic Kingdom and now I want to share my top 10 for Animal Kingdom, you'll notice I'm doing these in order I rank the WDW parks so I'll let you try figure out what will be next after this one but for now, on with what I love most at DAK

Flights of Passage - Wow, just wow! that was pretty much my reaction as I walked off this ride for the very first time, I'd kept away from spoilers and had no idea what to expect, I can honestly say I've never been as blown away by a ride than I was on this

Yak & Yeti - I see Yak & Yeti quick service get mentioned quite often but I love the table service restaurant and it's become a must do every trip since I first ate there on my September 2015 trip and always recommend when people are asking where to eat on their trip

Expedition Everest - Until Flights of Passage came along this was by far my favourite ride in AK, but now it has to share that top spot, still an all time favourite though and one I'll do over and over again anytime I'm in the park. If you haven't tried it when the sun starts to set or once it is dark, I highly recommend you give it a try

Festival of the Lion King - let's be honest The Lion King is one of Disney's greatest films and if you don't agree then you are definitely wrong and need to go watch again, so I love that there's a Lion King show in one of my favourite Disney parks

Kilimanjaro Safari - during my February 2017 trip I did the safari as the sun was setting and I loved this enough first thing in the mornings but wow, it was even better in the evening as that's now my favourite time to ride it as so many of the animals are out and active

Satu'li Canteen - my favourite quick service spot in Animal Kingdom, and if you're on the dining plan I'd definitely say it's a great use for your quick service credit as the food definitely doesn't seem quick service, it's so different and tasty plus it's not served on paper plates with plastic knife and forks so definitely has more of a table service once you're actually sat down

Tree of Life - Does anyone else just stand and admire this work of art? no matter how many times I've seen it I still can't believe how beautiful it is

Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade - obviously not exclusive to Animal Kingdom but it is my favourite park to enjoy the refreshing treat. Animal Kingdom seems to be the hottest place on earth, well that's how it feels and somehow I always end up there on the hottest day of my trip just to make it even worse, so there's nothing nicer than a frozen treat to help cool down a little 

Timon - one of my favourite Animal Kingdom meets, he is so much fun and I've had such great interaction every time I've met him, an absolute must do meet for me

Photo spots - there isn't a more beautiful park than Animal Kingdom in my opinion, so is it any wonder the photo spots here are one of my favourite things in the park, there's just so many beautiful areas and backdrops that you definitely need to stop by and grab a photo or 5

What are you favourite things to eat, do and see in Animal Kingdom?

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