With it quickly approaching that time of year again (personally I think August it too early to start Halloween season but that's a complete different post) I wanted to give a little comparison to 2 of my favourite Walt Disney World events, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party (MNSSHP) and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party (MVMCP).

I've been to MNSSHP twice and MVMCP once and I definitely intend to do both again as they're so much fun and in my opinion, well worth the added cost (little tip but the earlier in the season you attend each party the cheaper the tickets are). 
Both parties have their own parade, fireworks, special character meets and most importantly, free snacks which are sweets at Halloween and cookies and hot chocolate at the Christmas party. There are things I preferred at each, when it comes to the fireworks it's definitely the Christmas party that wins for me, don't get me wrong I do think HalloWishes is amazing but when I saw Holiday Wishes it definitely had the wow factor for me, the parades I just can't pick between both have huge plus points and are absolutely amazing, for the Halloween Boo to you parade you have the amazing Headless Horseman, lots of Villains, Haunted Mansion float and Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade has the Toy Soliders, the delicious smells, a brilliant Frozen float which Kristoff is even part of and so much more, but MNSSHP wins hands down when it comes to the snacks, I love the trick or treating side of the party, it's so much fun going around each stop and seeing how many bags filled with sweets you leave with by the end of the evening and as someone who isn't the biggest cookie fan and doesn't like hot chocolate, I skipped pretty much every treat station at MVMCP.

One huge thing I noticed at the Christmas party was that not many people dressed up for it or wore any kind of costume unlike the Halloween party which is filled with people in fancy dress and in my opinion just adds to the fun and atmosphere, I definitely prefer the Halloween party for this side of things and did notice a difference in the atmosphere of the parties overall, there's definitely a different feel to MNSSHP, more people commenting on each others costumes, it just feels a little more interactive and does have a bit more of a fun atmosphere, that's not to say the Christmas party doesn't at all, it certainly does but just not as much as the Halloween party or at least, that's what I found from my experience but it in no way takes away from how fun and wonderful Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is because I had such a wonderful night, I loved being able to meet the Princesses with their Princes, usual characters in their festive outfits and as I mentioned the parade and fireworks were beyond amazing and having it snow on Main Street at the end of the evening when it was around 80 degrees was really something special.

I'm not really a fan of either Halloween or Christmas, away from Disney that is because put me in the parks and I suddenly love both and A LOT, both are two of my favourite times to visit WDW, in fact before my trip last December I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy it as much because there would be too much Christmas and I get sick of the word every year at home by the end of the first week of December but I fell in love, I found my love for Christmas and declared instantly that I would definitely be returning again and again during the magical time of year, I'd go as far as saying it's now my favourite time of year to enjoy the parks but if I had to pick one party over the other, it would probably be Halloween for the atmosphere, costumes and all those sweets, I'm a sucker for my multiple bags of candy haha although you'll never see Cinderella Castle look as beautiful as it does during Christmas season, really they're both absolutely amazing parties and worth doing.

Have you been to either or have them on your list of things you'd like to do?

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