Guess who's back...

Woah look who is here and actually having wrote a blog post, I know it's been quite some time and I didn't mean to let it go this long but I'm sure you know what it's like, sometimes life just get's in the way.

As I said, I didn't intend to go this long without writing a post but we can blame both writers block and also health for it, when I haven't had writers block or been actually having some fun enjoying life and definitely enjoying the fact we actually seem to be having a proper summer right now then it's been my body letting me down, there's been time's I've wanted to jump on my laptop and get some posts wrote up but I just haven't had the energy, tiredness is a real bitch at times and likes to try and rule my life and when it takes over, well I barely have the energy to turn my laptop on and write a sentence let alone a full post.

But here I am at last and without sounding  like half the UK population right now, I'm in utter shock that we're now in July, we're halfway through the year already and that just seems absolutely crazy to me, they say time passes by in a flash as you get older and boy they're not wrong, the days, weeks, months and years seem to be going at full speed with no sign of slowing down, at this rate I'm going to be heading to 40 quicker than Adam moves onto a new woman, apologies if you're the 0.1% of the UK population who isn't watching Love Island and will read that and wonder what the heck I'm on about. 
So far my year hasn't been too crazy, I've had a couple of amazing trips, got to spend time with people that help make my life so happy & cheerful and of course, I've been making the most of matched betting still to build up £££ to pay for some amazing upcoming trips but one thing this year has lacked in is Disney, Disney parks to be exact. I told myself and others that I would not be visiting Walt Disney World this year and also that it would be highly unlikely I'd be visiting any other Disney park and that's still true, it's been 209 days since my last visit to any Disney park, I know heartbreaking and come 6th December I will have made the full 365 days, it's not been a tough ride let me tell you, some days are really tough haha, seriously I miss the magical places like crazy but I've a feeling although I may make it to 365 days, I won't see 2018 out without a visit to a park somewhere, any guesses which?

Anyway, I do not intend to waffle on any longer and bore you with my not very exciting going on's but I'm glad to be posting again and hopefully I'll get back to a more regular posting schedule again now. Hope you're all enjoying the weather, hating on Josh and Megan (sorry Love Island talk again) and shocked and excited as I am that England actually made it out of the group stages of the World Cup.

Outfit detials: Ears - Luby & Lola || Top - ASOS || Skirt - Lottie Bounds || Shoes - New Look

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