Villa Florence Hotel - San Francisco

When I hit the 'confirm booking' button for my first 3 nights accommodation in San Francisco I wasn't actually 100% sure where I was booking for, I used Priceline and their express booking system, which if you didn't know works by them giving you a price, the location, star rating & amenities of a hotel and due to not declaring what it will be till you've booked it's offered at a discounted rate.

However there's a great website that can help identify the hotel so you have a very good idea what you will be booking and they've never been wrong on the 4 occasions I've used them, including this time. I ended up with 3 nights in Villa Florence Hotel for around £75 per night.
Villa Florence was in a great location for me, a 2 minute walk from the largest Sephora I'd ever be in and less than 5 minutes to Disney Store, what more could I ask for? it's right on Powell Street almost opposite Union Square so an amazing location for a short stay in the city. I'd jumped on the Bart train from the airport which took me straight to Powell Street station and the hotel was just a stones throw from there.

Check in was quick & painless and I made my way to room 616, on the 6th floor, quite obviously. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from the rooms as I had a seen a few photos and they looked quite nice and like they'd been redecorated not too long ago and in a decor style that suited me, meaning it didn't look like I stepped into a time zone and something from the 90's with floral curtains & bedding.
The hotel has 2 lifts but they were renovating one during my stay but thankfully it didn't have any effect on me as I still wasn't waiting any longer than you'd usually expect. I headed into my room and my initial reaction was "woah, it's tiny" I didn't expect the rooms to be overly large, not being this close to Union Square, from experience any hotels in a location like this seem to have rooms that are slightly on the smaller side but this was really small, maybe it's because I was alone so they figured I wouldn't need a larger room but if there were two people, I'd likely have asked to switched as it would have been a pretty tight squeeze.
As the rooms looked pretty modern from photos, I was looking forward to seeing the bathroom and hoping that would be the same, does anyone else love a nice hotel bathroom? unfortunately, it wasn't what I found, the bathroom seemed quite outdated and I was soon to discover the shower pressure wasn't pretty poor especially for hotel standards, they'd obviously not done a full refurbishment on the rooms as the bathrooms definitely didn't seem like they'd be done and from being there in person rather than looking at photos it was clear the rooms had a few things changed to try and refresh them rather than completely redone as it looked half old & half new, the furniture was old just with a new TV and new bed but it definitely wasn't a full renovation that is stated on websites.

Despite the above downfalls which I soon got use to and didn't really effect my stay in any way,  everything else turned out to be a positive, I had no real complaints during my 3 night and would happily stay there again if the price was right, although I wouldn't pay the full regular price.
The bed was comfy, rooms clean and quiet, staff friendly and there was fresh fruit and fruit flavoured water in the lobby everyday and as mentioned, the location perfect but I would say the hotel is more like 3* than the 4* advertised.
Hotels don't come cheap in San Francisco and for the price I payed, location and room, I was happy with my stay and would recommend the hotel, if you can get a good deal.

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