Le Meridien Hotel - San Francisco

I stayed at the Le Meridien for my last night in San Francisco, I had originally thought about spending the night out of the city which is why I only booked my original hotel for 3 nights but in the end went with the less hassle option of staying in the city but rather than add on a night in my first hotel - Villa Florence I decided to try out another hotel in a different area, because who doesn't love testing out new hotels?

This was another booking done via Priceline and I could have just added another night onto my first hotel but it actually worked out nearly £10 cheaper to book this one which had an even higher star rating, albeit only .5 stars more but being a worldwide known chain it seemed to offer more and the possibility of a stunning view to wake up to, which sadly I didn't get lucky with.

I headed straight to the hotel after checking out of my previous one around 10.30am and definitely didn't expect my room to be ready but was delighted when the lovely gentleman who checked me in found me a room straight away, considering it wasn't even quite 11am and check in wasn't until 3pm I was impressed straight away and as soon as I walked into the hotel it had a much nicer & more high end feel than my previous one which is always a plus in my book, I do love a nice hotel, bet then who doesn't?. I had hoped for a room on a high floor as I love the best view possible when staying in high rise hotels but as it was so early I was happy enough to accept my room on the 6th floor so I could just get in there, drop my bags, grab my bits for the day and head out to enjoy my last full day in the city, coincidentally I was in room 617 after just checking out of room 616 at Villa Florence Hotel.

I walked into the room and was pleasantly surprised by the size, it was really spacious and not just because I'd just left a room where you could barely swing a cat, it was actually a really large hotel room and I was met with the biggest bed I'd seen in some time, it was huge, got to love these American size beds and the bathroom was large too, if you like hotel rooms with space then I'd highly recommend the Le Meridien, for a hotel room in a big city it wad not short on space at all. To my delight the rooms were white & grey, yes I'm easily pleased, well about somethings and staying in hotels with my favourite colour combinations is one of those things. It was modern, extremely clean and nice & bright with floor to ceiling windows

The Le Meridien is located in the financial district of San Francisco which as you'd expect is a lot less packed with tourists than the likes of Union Square & Fisherman's Wharf but personally I think this can be a bonus, as I like to step away from the packed crowds rather than being amongst them 24/7 while away, while still feeling safe and with enough places around to grab food & drinks, I certainly didn't go without Starbucks thats for sure, there's one practically on every corner and because the city is quite small, well the majority of the places you'd want to spend time very close to each other, you could be back in Union Square or down by the waterside within 10-15 minute walk.
If you're looking for a really nice hotel in San Francisco with plenty of amenities, minus free wifi in the rooms which is a a huge negative for the hotel in my opinion, but it is the only one I found so maybe I can let them off even though it is 2018 and every hotel should have free wifi everywhere within their building(s), spacious rooms, extremely comfortable beds then the Le Meridien is definitely once to consider, especially if you like a more less hectic location but only a stones throw from all the action.

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