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In 14 trips to the USA I have only ever not flown with Virgin Atlantic 1.5 times, once swapping them for American Airlines and the half, I flew home from Boston last year with Norwegian Air. After that flight I vowed never again to step out of my comfort zone and to just stick with Virgin, after all I clearly have some kind of dedication and love for them when they've been my chosen airline for 13 trips across the pond, however I won't deny the decline in the airline slightly over the years even just thinking about the free amenity kit that used to await you on your seat when you boarded.

Now firstly you're probably wondering why I vowed never again to fly Norwegian Air because if, like me you've probably seen lots of positive feedback on them across Twitter, other social media and possibly holiday websites/forums especially about their mostly, great fares. However, my flight home from Boston was not a good experience for me, the seat itself I had no issues with, after all being only 5ft means that any slight differences in seat pitch aren't going to be noticed by me, and after flying upper class last year, nothing is really going to live up to that now but my one and only reason was purely the extreme discomfort I suffered with my ears. As a child I used to always suffer with pain due to my ears popping and it still happens now almost every time I get on a short haul flight but I've never had the trouble during any of my previous long haul flights and haven't since. You're probably all rolling your eyes and thinking 'it's not the airlines fault, the plane itself isn't to blame' and of course, I know that but the pain was so bad, to the point I was nearly crying and I'm someone with quite a high pain tolerance, so it was bad and I just couldn't help but think of that every time I thought about flying with them again, it was like a mental fear so to speak because I knew it wasn't the airline but I still couldn't get past it.

But then January came round and I was getting extremely itchy feet to book another trip, I needed some plans for this year as my diary was looking very bleak when it came to travel and having always wanted to visit San Francisco I started pricing things up. Using my favourite website - Sky Scanner, I spotted flights for under £300 with Norwegian, yes you did read that right, I spent a few weeks thinking it over, trying to find something with Virgin for a similar price but it just wasn't happening, if I wanted to fly with my favourite airline who I clearly have attachment issues with then I'd need to be spending double and it just wasn't an option if I wanted to trip to work, so I pushed my fears of spending 10 hours in agony aside and booked, albeit I would be challenged to travelling hand luggage only as that and being fed, will cost you an extra £50 each way and I wanted to do the trip on a budget.

The flight over was ok, just ok, nothing more and nothing less, but after all it is just a flight so what more do we expect than it being ok? there's hardly going to be a party or fashions stores up in the air haha, it was quite an empty flight which is always a bonus as I find it feels so less cramped and meant we had space around us to spread out and lay down if we fancied and also meant that I could move sits to sit with Lottie & Matthew rather than being sat alone or next to a stranger for 10 hours. But in terms of everything else, I just wasn't impressed, there was very, very little interaction with the cabin crew which some might even enjoy especially if you'd rather keep yourself to yourself but I quite enjoy talking to the crew or at least having some interaction when they're walking through the cabin and along with the very little you saw of them, I didn't exactly find the cabin crew overly friendly either, not rude but just not as cheery and happy as I've experienced with the crew onboard Virgin which seemed to matter to me more than I thought it would and as for the no thrills thing, well it soon become clear to me that I enjoy those thrills, and am just not about this no thrills/extras kind of flight business, especially when I'm sat on the plane for near on 11 hours, I even missed the pillow & blanket that if like me, you probably only bother for a short amount of time during the flight anyway but when it's not there, of course I want it but you can purchase a blanket if you really want one.

I've never been a huge fan of plane food, sometimes I'll eat it or at least pick at it and sometimes I'll decline it altogether but not getting those included drinks & snacks that come along throughout the flight did bother me, I missed my ice lolly, a lot, what can I say, I enjoy my little ice cream treat at 36,000 feet and despite taking some snacks and a bottle of water onboard I also missed being able to ask for a drink as and when I fancied, without having to part with $3+ for the privilege each time. If you want a drink or small snack then you order from the comfort of your seat and a member of crew will bring it you, it was a handy little service but the menu is limited so if you want a full meal then you need order that beforehand and speaking of limited things, the inflight entertainment did not come close to that on the Virgin fleet, there was a very small range of latest movies and none were really big films, it's a good job Lottie & I can talk for hours because thats how I spent the 10 hours, even I didn't realise I could talk that much ;)
One plus point that Norwegian did have was the actual plane itself, if you've flown Virgin in the last few years then you probably know some of the fleet, can be a little tired and is showing it's age but the Norwegian planes look and feel nice, fresh and new which did get the thumbs up.

If you're not fused about having all the extra thrills on a flight, paying extra for everything every little bit that comes along with a flight (unless you upgrade) and just see it as a way of getting from A to B then I'd definitely recommend Norwegian Air to you for your long haul flights especially if you find a deal as good as I did but if you're like me and enjoy that ice lolly, continuous supply of drinks and service while onboard then I'd probably pass on the no thrills airlines like Norwegian and stick with the one(s) you get all the little extras from.

Have you flown with Norwegian before? if so, what were your thoughts?

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