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I don't know if it's a little bit of laziness or just the need to be organised, maybe a bit of both but when I go on a holiday that will include more than lazing around a pool with a cocktail and sunbathing for most of the day I like to have my tickets for all the things I'm going to be seeing in advance, doesn't it just make life easier knowing that they're sorted and already paid for? my usual go to for this is some kind of city pass that gives you an option to visit a number of the typical tourist spots in one easy ticket.

For San Francisco, after a little research I opted for the Explorer Pass from Attraction Tickets Direct which is available for 3, 4 or 5 attractions, as I only had 3 full days I opted for the 3 attraction ticket at a great price of just £51, now considering a number of the available attractions to visit with the ticket cost $30-50 each, it works out a great deal. Two things I had definite plans to do while in San Francisco was visit the Walt Disney Family Museum & use the hop on hop off tour bus, and the separate cost of those alone came to more than the cost of the pass which meant I was already saving money and getting my 3rd attraction for free.

You have the option to print the pass or use it straight from your phone, I printed mine and Lottie & Matthew had theirs on their phones and neither of us had any issues from the moment we first used them at The Walt Disney Family Museum, where else would you expect us to pick for our first use?

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The museum, which is located in Presidio wasn't to difficult to reach, if you like long walks (about an hour) you have that option, yeah not for me either haha, there's also a bus that stops near by but we decided to just jump in an uber from Fisherman's Wharf for less than $15, the area is really pretty and has gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge, but we're not here for that, we were here for the tears, because doesn't everyone love to go away and cry?
I won't ruin it for you but the museum is a must visit for any Disney fan, especially if you love all the history of Walt Disney, his life work, love for his family and the amazing attitude of never giving up despite many ups & downs along the way. 

The next day we opted to use our pass for the Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour which should of set us back $55 each, it seemed a great way of getting around and seeing plenty of the city, the ticket on the pass was for the classic ticket which meant hop-on, hop-off as much as we liked around the main city route and we definitely made use of it, jumping on and off multiple times from around 9.30am - 4.30pm and the bus even takes you over the Golden gate Bridge with a stop at North Vista Point for some amazing views and photo spots of the Golden gate Bridge, be warned that although the ride over on the top of an open air bus is a great way of viewing the bridge in all it's glory, it's quite scary and extremely windy up there, take off any hats and tie your back, you've be warned. We also made stops at Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square and also a number of spots we had noted we wanted those all important Instagram shots at.

Outfit details: T-shirt - Primark / Skirt - Topshop 

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For my 3rd and final use I kept going back and forth about what to use it on, I even contemplated doing the hop-on/hop-off bus again as I really enjoyed that, there was a number of boat tour options and quite a few family attractions, in the end I was mainly torn between the bike hire and just grabbing a 1 day muni pass which is just like a travel card for all San Francisco's transport options (bus, train & cable cars) in the end I opted against the bike hire and went with the Muni pass, which would have been $22 to purchase so definitely not the biggest money saver but at this point I was feeling pretty tired from the previous two days and the thought of doing much walking or even trying to cycle around the city, across the bridge and to a couple of places I would have liked to see just seemed too much hard work so I made use of the transport system and it worked really well for me, their buses we frequent and with the help of the Muni transport map extremely easy to navigate around the city on and I definitely made use of the pass.

The Explorer Pass gives you entry to 26 different tours & attractions around the city and is valid for 30 days from the first use, it's a great way of getting ideas of what to see and do while in San Francisco to with it's list of where you can use it. I'd highly recommend the pass to anyone visiting as it's great value for money, easy to use and definitely makes things simpler knowing you've already got all or most of your attractions paid for which means it's easier to budget spends and give you more money for shopping.

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