Walt Disney World: Caribbean Beach Resort

If you've been around for a while or know me, you may know that I have the aim to stay at every Walt Disney World resort and my trip at the end of last year marked my 10th resort, Caribbean Beach wasn't high on my list in terms of feeling like I needed to tick it off asap but I couldn't say no to the deal I found and it meant I'd be left with just 1 moderate resort I needed to stay at.
I arrived via Magical Express around 6pm to a practically empty Custom House, Caribbean Beaches main reception area. Check in was quick and easy, and with magic band and parcels I'd had shipped to the resort I was shown to bell services to be taken to my room, due to it being dark I couldn't see much of the resort but one thing was clear, it was as big as it looked from information online.
Caribbean Beach is split into 5 areas which all contain a number of small buildings, I was in building 42 of Jamaica and I definitely felt like I couldn't have been in a building further away from a bus stop and looking at the resort map, I was probably right. Due to all the construction currently going on at the resort you're unable to get to/from Custom House without driving, wether that be your own car or the internal resort bus, which although not a huge problem I did miss the ease of being able to pop to reception if I needed and it also meant on my last morning I had to take my suitcase on the resort bus to Custom House to store, then get the bus back to a regular stop and wait for a park bus and making sure I left enough time before my magical express pick up to get back tot he resort from Magic Kingdom and then wait for the resort bus again to Custom house, obviously this is all due to the extensive works going on.

The rooms at moderates definitely have a bit of a nicer and feel less basic than values, which of course they do as they're a higher category, I love the extra space, the bigger bed(s) but in terms of buildings they are my least favourite, I feel like the value and deluxe resorts feel less spread out and personally it's something I prefer. Caribbean Beach was definitely the worst for this, the resort just felt far too large and spread out for me, when people say it's a really big resort, they're not kidding.
One thing I did however really like was the location, unlike at other resorts I've stayed at and always feeling there's one park that feels so far away, especially at the end of a full day in the parks, I didn't feel that with Caribbean Beach and it felt very central.
When it came to buses to the parks it was another thumbs up, now I'm not sure if it's just good luck because personally I've never really experienced bad experiences with them, apart from the huge amount of people often waiting for the bus at the parks in the evening when I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside I've always found the buses frequent and not too packed that I've had to wait for another, during my week stay I never waited more than 10 minutes to or from a park and actually never had issues not getting a seat either, in fact on my way back to the resort after Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party I even got a bus all to myself ;)

While my stay at Caribbean Beach way in no way negative or came with any real issues, I liked my room, the little beach areas were pretty & relaxing and the quiet pool was perfect for a peaceful afternoon to relax, I just didn't love it, nothing made me feel like I'd pick it again when looking for my WDW stay and I'd probably say it's my least favourite resort I've stayed at, if I was booking a moderate resort then I'd definitely be looking at Port Orleans Riverside or Coronado Springs again instead, or more than likely I'd book Port Orleans French Quarter and complete staying at every Disney World moderate resorts.

Have you stayed at Caribbean beach before? did you enjoy it or like me, did you just not fall in love with it?

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Caribbean Beach

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  1. Staying at POR for the first time this year. After reading this post I am glad that's where we chose over CB.

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