Running for a good cause

You may remember that last year I had two amazing Disney park trips with my amazing friend Lottie first there was our 11 night trip to Walt Disney World and then our 6 night trip to Disneyland, a good part of those trips were for Lottie to take part in the RunDisney weekends and of course, I had to be there to support her and by support, I mean continue to sleep while she woke up at 3am to take part in those amazing achievements.

Now, somewhere along the way last year, myself and our friend Chelsea somehow managed to convince Lottie that being the amazing star she is, she needed to add a full marathon to those achievements and that she should definitely take part in the 2019 WDW marathon weekend, now I don't know if she's brave, crazy, super human or a mixture of all those things, I'm going with them all, but she very soon found herself accepting our idea and if that wasn't amazing enough, Lottie will be raising money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust while doing so.
Now if you follow me on Twitter or maybe you've read my 'but you don't look sick' post then you'll likely know why this means so much to me, I felt so honoured, proud and a little emotional when I read the news she'd picked the CF Trust as her charity to raise money for, if I didn't feel all those things enough at Lottie's running achievements, she's now gone and shown once again, why she's not only a wonderful friend but an all round perfect human being and chosen the charity that couldn't be closer to my heart. Thank you Lottie, you're a star and I feel so lucky to have you as a friend.

Now if you'd like to sponsor Lottie, I know no matter how small of a donation that she, the CF trust & I would be forever grateful, you can do so by going to Lottie's Just Giving page and if you want to go and tell her how amazing she is, wish her good luck with her marathon training or follow along with it all, you can find her on Twitter @Lottiedoesblog

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