Rock the dots

When it comes to Disney my favourite character isn't a Princess, it's not a side kick and it's certainly not a villain, my favourite always has been and forever will be the style icon herself, Minnie Mouse and of course, bows and polka dots are definitely my thing.

January brings with it national polka dot day and I could't think of a more suited day for me, to say I have a thing for all things polka dot might be considered a slight understatement by those who know me well, my wardrobe, my kitchen and even my cats things are a shrine to polka dots, oh and if you didn't know, my cat is called Minnie, obviously! and this year national polka dot day is even more special than those of the past because Minnie Mouse will finally be getting her much deserved star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

I love incorporating polka dots into my outfits, both in and out of the Disney parks, whether it be with full on dressing like Minnie Mouse or something a little more subtle with accessories and what better time to share some of my favourite outfits where I #rockthedots


And of course, an addiction wouldn't be right without a lust list and my polka dot lust list is ever growing and far too long to share it all with you but here's some of the pretty things I currently have my eyes on


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