My favourite Instagram spots in Disney World

13 years ago when I went on my first trip to Walt Disney World, long before Instagram was even a thing and I didn't even think about photos, well not beyond taking as many as possible in any location that took our fancy at the time, boy how things have changed.
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I've become slightly obsessed with taking photos during trips and it's got to the degree of even considering how 'Instagramable' places are before deciding if they'd make a good holiday destination, yes this is what we have become isn't it? part of my Disney trip planning is now photos - locations, outfits, style of shots and so on. Holidays are no longer all about a chilled and relaxed time it seems, they're now also about getting those perfect shots to share on our beloved feeds, but you know what, I really enjoy it and you only have to spend 10 minutes scrolling through Instagram to see I'm not alone.
So when it comes to Walt Disney World trips there are so many amazing locations to get those all important shots for Instagram, obviously this post would be far too long if I listed all of my favourite ones, there's a lot of them but I did want to share a handful of them

Cinderella Castle - starting with the obvious, of course, I mean did you even go to WDW if you didn't get a photo with the castle as the backdrop? however, my favourite spot for this isn't quite the obvious on Main Street or directly in front of it but rather to the side, I love going across the bridge towards Liberty Square for a beautiful view

Bubblegum Wall/Purple Wall/Fichwa! Fellow Wall - basically the walls, all the walls. They've become somewhat of an Instagram cliche and although sometimes it's nice to get photos that haven't already been done 5837 times before, you can't not get the all important wall photo's. If you're wanting the purple wall then you'll need to be in Magic Kingdom, head to Epcot for the bubblegum & toothpaste walls and of course Animal Kingdom for the multiple 'quote' walls and the infamous Mickey Mouse Fichwa! Fellow, which actually means hidden Mickey, though in this case he's not so hidden

Pandora - I couldn't not mention Walt Disney World's latest most beautiful area, if you've seen it in person then you'll know just how stunning in truly is and if you've only seen photos so far, I promise you that you'll be amazed at the sheer beauty of this area, if you think the photos look amazing just what till you're standing in front of it with your jaw dropped

World Showcase - not just one spot but a whole area of a park is just full of perfect Instagram spots, each country has it's own perfect spot(s), a couple of my specific favourites of mine are the bridge from the UK over to France, with France as the backdrop as you're stood on the bridge and also the little spot right at the back of Morocco to the right side of Marrakesh, that little tiled fountain bit (sorry I've no idea what it's actually called)

Mickey shaped food - obviously not actually a location but something that has to be done while at Disney, your camera roll also needs to include those all important photos of your Mickey shaped treats, whether it be waffles, ice creams, pretzels or any other of the absolute delicious goodness that is available 

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  1. Fab post Sarah, will defo be checking out some of these spots in Nov x


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