Hi, 2018

Wow, where did you spring from? it feels like just yesterday we welcomed 2017 and now here we are, starting a new year yet again and a week into it already. I know they say the years just go by in a flash once you've hit 30 but this is starting to take the mick a bit now, I didn't think they meant this fast.
2017 was a pretty good year for me, I made amazing memories, friendships with some really special people grew stronger, I felt the happiest I had in absolute years, I ticked things off my bucket list and most importantly for this self confessed holiday addict, I had more holidays in 2017 than I ever had in a single year before and stuck with the promise I made to myself of seeing new places. Don't get me wrong, the year didn't come without its challenges, mainly health related but I never like to focus on the negative, or try my hardest not to so I'm all about remembering the positives of the last 12 months and looking forward to the good things to come over the next 12.

With a new year comes a fresh diary, does anyone else gets stupidly excited about this? my favourite part of a new school year was picking my new books, pens and all the other cute stationery and alongside the new diary comes a fresh list of goals, some realistic, some, well far from it but it's good to have high hopes right? now obviously I won't bore you all with what's in my new diary, at the moment it's filled with far too many hospital appointments for January alone and not enough fun stuff.

So on with some of my goals for 2018

1. Photography, while I definitely feel like my photography skills have improved over the years, they sure as hell still aren't to the level I'd like them to be which means my Instagram feed is not as perfected as I'd like it either so over the next few months I want to practise, practise and yep, practise some more

2. Travel, now obviously this is a goal of mine every year and last year I visited 1 new country and 3 new places so this year I want to visit at least 2 new countries and 4 new places, I've already got some ideas in mind and possibly some plans to get me on my way with this one so watch this space

3. Clear debts, now I'm not putting too much pressure on myself with this one because, well I need to enjoy myself too ;) but if I can clear 75% of my debt by the end of the year I'll be extremely happy and thanks to matched betting I've started well with this already, but let's not jump the gun because it's only January 7th and I've got a spending problem haha but it does feel good to know that one of my credit cards is getting very close to being cleared 

4. Effort, I really wanted to concentrate and put a lot of effort into this blog last year but for a number of reasons it just didn't happen like I hoped it would but 2018 is the year I really want to make big improvements and give it love & attention I planned to when I started

5. Confidence, this week I posted a photo on Instagram that was taken back in September and I hadn't posted till now because honestly, I didn't have the confidence. Every time I look at the photo or a lot of photos of myself to be honest, I just see my faults, I see all the things I want to change about me and this photo even more than any I've posted before because it was full length in my bikini which meant every part of my body that I wish I could change was on show but I can't change it and I really need to just accept that, stop hating on myself and be confident in my own skin

What are some of your goals for the year ahead? hope you all have a wonderful 2018

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