Running for a good cause

You may remember that last year I had two amazing Disney park trips with my amazing friend Lottie first there was our 11 night trip to Walt Disney World and then our 6 night trip to Disneyland, a good part of those trips were for Lottie to take part in the RunDisney weekends and of course, I had to be there to support her and by support, I mean continue to sleep while she woke up at 3am to take part in those amazing achievements.

Rock the dots

When it comes to Disney my favourite character isn't a Princess, it's not a side kick and it's certainly not a villain, my favourite always has been and forever will be the style icon herself, Minnie Mouse and of course, bows and polka dots are definitely my thing.


My favourite Instagram spots in Disney World

13 years ago when I went on my first trip to Walt Disney World, long before Instagram was even a thing and I didn't even think about photos, well not beyond taking as many as possible in any location that took our fancy at the time, boy how things have changed.

Walt Disney World: Caribbean Beach Resort

If you've been around for a while or know me, you may know that I have the aim to stay at every Walt Disney World resort and my trip at the end of last year marked my 10th resort, Caribbean Beach wasn't high on my list in terms of feeling like I needed to tick it off asap but I couldn't say no to the deal I found and it meant I'd be left with just 1 moderate resort I needed to stay at.

Hi, 2018

Wow, where did you spring from? it feels like just yesterday we welcomed 2017 and now here we are, starting a new year yet again and a week into it already. I know they say the years just go by in a flash once you've hit 30 but this is starting to take the mick a bit now, I didn't think they meant this fast.
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