Walt Disney World 4 park, 1 day challenge

One of the things on my Disney bucket list for quite some time was to complete the 4 park 1 day challenge, I'd been into 3 parks in one day previously but never as a challenge style, but I wanted to do it properly and I wanted to have 1 snack, do 1 ride and meet Mickey & Minnie in each park

During my recent Christmas trip I finally ticked it off, in fact the whole trip was all about working on my bucket list.
In the run up to the trip, of course a lot of time was spent on finding the right outfit for the occasion and when I came across the 'wonderful world' t-shirt from Magical Monograms I knew it was perfect, I loved that it was red too because, well what other colour is so perfect when it's christmas time? working out the order of parks and smaller details for the day was pretty easy, I knew I wanted to end in my favourite park, Magic Kingdom because it seemed the perfect end to me, plus it also meant I got to end the day watching Happily Ever After, and what is more perfect than ending a very Disney park filled day than watching a beautiful fireworks show? I also wanted to use all 3 Disney types of transport, bus, monorail and boat, so that helped me work out my order of the first 3 parks.

My day started in Animal Kingdom, I initially planned to get there for opening but tiredness beat me and I woke up a little later than needed, starting my day almost an hour later than I'd planned didn't however cause any issues, I headed straight to meet Mickey & Minnie as I knew that would be my longest queue this morning but despite the 25 minute wait advertised, I probably only waited 15 minutes which was great, then it was on my way to my first ride of the challenge, Expedition Everest but of course my belly was rumbling a little so went via Joffery's to grab a donut and then jumped in the single rider line for EE, which as I always find means you're on within 5 minutes, absolute godsend and as it's always so quick and I was still ahead of scheduled time I'd worked out I needed to be done in Animal Kingdom for, I decided to have another go, this has become my favourite WDW ride, knocking Tower of Terror off the top spot. I then headed to grab a photo by the infamous Animal Kingdom Mickey wall as I'd decided to also do photos at a wall in each park too, then all that was left for me to do was get the all important #1 photo in front of the Tree of life and not long after 10am, I was heading out the park and to the bus stop for park number 2, I didn't want to jinx myself but so far it was seeming far easier than I expected due to everything getting done really quickly.

I didn't wait long for a bus to Hollywood Studios and once I arrived and checked wait times, which weren't as bad as I'd anticipated, I decided to grab my 2nd snack of the day, which of course had to be  the Peanut butter crunch cookie from Starbucks (obviously washed down with a Strawberry Acai) I decided to walk over towards Mickey & Minnie meet first as I knew I'd likely have a 30 minute or so wait, I sat down on the way to enjoy my treats and soak up some Florida sunshine, the meet as expected had a 30 minute wait but as I walked towards the queue I knew it definitely wouldn't be close to that, I'd never seen it so empty and I was probably done within 10 minutes, yay another tick on the list and with little wait. As everything was getting done quicker than I expected I decided to just have a little walk around Hollywood Studios, watch The March of the First Order and takes things slowly. When planing my FP+ and thinking about the challenge I wasn't sure if I should book them for DHS and then once done try and grab some for the next park but I decided against it incase I couldn't get any for the right times at Epcot, in the end I was really glad I did it the way I did as it all worked out perfectly.
Next on the agenda was Rock n Rollercoaster, again this was another thing I expected to spend a while queuing for as despite having single rider I've always had bad luck when using it and still been stuck in the queue for around 40 minutes, but what would you know, today was my lucky day and I was on within 15 minutes, however I did run into a little 'issue' now, well things were going too well weren't they? I, of course always remove my ears before riding this and usually wait till I'm fully off the ride before putting them back on my head but for some stupid reason I decided to put them back on just as the ride was pulling in to get off, I don't know why I did it, maybe I was thinking I'd definitely remember them if I put them on now, as the seat belt/harness or what ever they're called popped up and over my head, it took my ears with it and they were long gone down on the track. Obviously there was no way I could finish the challenge wearing no ears, I felt half dressed and my photos wouldn't look right, I'd been eyeing up the tartan christmas ones so this was the excuse I needed to buy them, in the end they were a gift from Mickey, oh Disney magic <3 ears safely on and all things for challenge completed is park number 2, I headed to the Friendship boat dock to make my way to Epcot

I had some time before my FP+ so decided to grab some lunch before doing anything else and as my first FP+ was about 30 minutes away and for Soarin' I ate at Sunshine Seasons, food enjoyed and it was time for my Soarin' FP+, 3 rides in 3 parks completed, I decided to get some photos at the bubblegum wall as it was too soon for my Character spot FP+ and I didn't want to ride Test Track will after that in fear my hair would look an absolute mess, it wasn't long before I'd done both though, it was now around 3.30pm so I think I'd definitely done well with timing, I walked towards park exit, of course grabbing #3 photo in front of Spaceship Earth before leaving and was soon on the Monorail and on my way to the final park, I'd almost finished and after wanting to do this for a few years now, was one happy bunny.

Magic Kingdom wasn't closing till 11pm this evening and it was only around 4pm when I got in there, so I had no need to rush anything and just enjoyed my evening in my favourite Walt Disney World park, making sure however to get those important shots on Main Street and #4 in front of Cinderella Castle before it got dark, even though I technically hadn't completed the challenge, I did then head straight off to ride Big Thunder as I'd managed to grab a FP for it after using my last one in Epcot, which meant I'd gone into all 4 parks and done 4 big rides so far, just Mickey & Minnie to meet and have a snack and I'd be done, I'd managed to get a late FP for Space Mountain after Big Thunder which I'd hoped to do because I wanted to do a ride in each park that had on ride photo, I then decided to walk over to Fantasyland to see how the queue was to meet Minnie, it was posted at 25 minutes but as I had nothing else I really needed to do and didn't to risk forgetting to check back before it was too late I jumped in, Minnie met and ticked off it was now snack ice cream time and it wouldn't have been right to get any other ice cream today than a Mickey ice cream sandwich. Now I'd nearly forgot about getting Mickey, I know how terrible and I'd have wanted to slap myself if I had but I was just enjoying being in Magic Kingdom and having such a lovely evening that it just slipped my mind and when I checked the wait time on MDE I was horrified to find it at over 100 minutes, thankfully I had a fasts I was given a couple of days previously while doing Keys to the Kingdom tour and could use that, it literally saved my evening and the challenge because I just couldn't have done a 100+ minute wait, I met Mickey and my challenge was officially done, I'd finally completed the 4 park 1 day challenge.

It was tiring but definitely not as hard as I'd expected, I think the low queues earlier in the day definitely helped and I'm glad I picked my 3rd park for pre booking FP+ and also the order of parks worked really well and I got to start and finish in my 2 favourites at WDW.

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