My Disney Style at Walt Disney World

There's many aspects of Disney trip planning that I love and outfit planning is definitely one of the top ones, in fact it's probably the thing I spend most time doing in the run up to every trip, the days of just packing for the weather and not really thinking about it too much are very much in the past.

My recent Christmas trip definitely featured some of my favourite outfits this year and a couple of them were put together very, very last minute but what would be Disney outfit planning without some last minutes changes?

Cardigan: Primark // Top: Forever 21 similar // Shorts: American Eagle // Bag: Danielle Nicole

My first outfit came about as I felt like my Danielle Nicole 7 Dwarfs bag had not been getting enough outings and deserved to be used again, obviously I had to disney bound as a dwarf with it this time and after considering Dopey, then thinking Doc should probably be the winner because I wear glasses, in the end the winner was Happy, because what other mood would you be feeling on your first day in a Disney park? it seemed the most appropriate and of course, I had to wear my cute 7 Dwarf bow headband from Lottie Bounds

Top: New Look // Skirt: Forever 21 // Ears: Walt Disney World // Shoes: Primark

Day 2 was one of those previously mentioned very last minute ones, I'd realised about 2 weeks before my trip that Mickey & Minnie were meeting in their green and red Christmas outfit in Animal Kingdom rather than their safari gear, of course I just had to make this bound happen because it's such a cute outfit and I definitely wasn't doing enough Christmas themed bounds or outfits for this trip. I bought a plain red skirt and some snowflake transfers from eBay and I was sorted, simple yet so effective and the bound got so many wonderful comments from cast members, other guests and of course Mickey & Minnie loved it so, I'd spotted these gorgeous santa hat themed ears in the parks the day before and had to pick them up as they were too cute to resist.

Outfit number 3 was themed rather than a bound and started from the ears, when I saw these gorgeous  Minnie Bow style ears from Ears Ever After I knew I had to have them a put an outfit together especially for them and when I remembered Primark did a cute pink Minnie t-shirt it all fell together nicely, I just went with a bright pink denim skirt and my beloved Minnie Vans to finish it off

Top: French Connection // Skirt: ASOS

My outfit for my 4th day was the most last minute of all, it was about a week to go and I'd seen photos of Belle in Epcot, nothing unusual there I hear you say, but she was out in here Christmas dress and queue panicked me trying to find something for this bound extremely last minute and unfortunately I was not having any luck at all and in the end had to pair together a gold vest top and burgundy skirt I already had in my wardrobe, I had meant to wear my gold Luby & Lola ears but stupidly I'd forgot to pack them, in the end though I don't think it worked out too bad, not my best but it was ok

Day 5's outfit was one of my hardest to decide on, I knew during this trip I wanted to attempt the 4 park 1 day challenge (post to come on that soon) and that meant I needed a well themed t-shirt for it, I spent months in the run up to the trip searching Instagram and all the small businesses for their t-shirt designs and looking for one that would be fun for this day and then finally I found it, Magical Monograms had this cute 'wonderful world' design and I just for thought it was perfect for my day all around 'the world', I just paired it with some black denim shorts, more christmas style ears and red and white polka dot pumps I'd found in my shoe drawer a couple of weeks ago, I'd bought them from Primark about 5 years ago but never worn them and didn't even realise I still owned them, result 

My last full day consisted of 2 outfits, firstly another last minute one, I decided I wanted to do a Daisy bound as I've always been a fan of hers and never done one, instead of going for the original lilac top and pink bow I decided to base my bound on her park look of lilac bow and pink top. My gorgeous silver & lilac Luby & Lola ears finished off the look with just a plain pink vest and white skirt but the cute Daisy bag from Primark was definitely the cherry on top so to speak and finished off the look amazingly

Ears: Ears Ever After // Top: ASOS // Skirt: Tutu Factory

The 2nd outfit of the day was a special one, it was my outfit for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and after spotting Ears Ever After gorgeous Christmas designs and struggling to pick, I eventually opted for these printed fabric ones with Mickey & Minnie and Donald & Daisy, just like my MNSSHP outfit the amazing girls at Tutu Factory put together a tutu for me, this time a gorgeous Christmas green sparkle one, it was so pretty and I had so many lovely compliments on my outfit once again, it really makes you smile and feel good about all the effort you put in putting the outfits together when you receive such nice comments about them while in the parks. Now I really wanted to finish this outfit off with my Disney Christmas jumper but it was just far too hot for it and I didn't fancy passing out from the heat so in the end I was glad I'd packed a 'just incase top' and this long sleeved red top did the trick

My last morning in the parks consisted of something I'd seen on Instagram and originally I wasn't going to bother so much with an outfit for today as I would only be in the parks for a few hours before I had to leave, but I saw this t-shirt and loved it, of course that meant I had to have it and I instantly placed my order with It's a Magical Adventure, now despite not really liking to repeat my Disney outfits I love this Zara skirt so much and just had to wear it again anode course being my last morning in the extremely festive Walt Disney World, I just had to see it as another excuse to wear those cute festive ears.


  1. Cute! Especially the matching outfit with the characters! That's an amazing way of making a trip to Disney world more fun - I didn't even know that was possible. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The matching Christmas outfit is way too adorable! I love it!
    Britt |

  3. I wish I had your eye for making the perfect Disney outfit! I love all of these.

    Lisa |


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