It's Christmas at Walt Disney World

I'm back, yes I'm still here and alive, I know I've been gone for some time but life just get's in the way now and then doesn't it? plus I've recently got back from another trip to the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World.

I won't be doing a day by day recap of the trip like I have previously because, well if you've been around for a while now then you'll know they take me forever to get done and on top of that, I made no notes while I was away so wouldn't be able to remember everything well enough to do so, however I'm here with a little recap on the trip and to share some photos with you.
This trip was one I'd been wanting to do for many years now, despite not being the biggest Christmas fan I had always wanted to visit WDW at Christmas time and see if it felt as magical as it looked from the photos and videos I'd seen year after year, it did not disappoint.
As the trip itself was doing something I'd be wanting to for years I decided to make it about ticking off even more Disney bucket list items, I booked Keys to the Kingdom tour, planned the 4 park 1 day challenge, added another resort to my list of ones I'd stayed at and of course bought tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

From the moment I landed at MCO the festive feeling hit me, there was a beautiful, huge tree in the concourse and decorations all by the Magical Express area, I stayed at Caribbean Beach this trip which is my 10th WDW resort, more on my thoughts of the resort coming soon. 
Now if you've been to Disney World then you know it's magical, no matter the time of year but Christmas definitely has something extra about it, it's pure joy and beauty around every corner, despite usually being the first person to declare "I don't like Christmas, I don't really care for it' by my first full dat my attitude had done a complete 180 and I was completely caught up in the magic and festive music and now couldn't think of a more perfect time to visit, the weather definitely made it even more better, at least for me anyway because I'm definitely not a winter person and don't need it to be cold to feel festive, 28 degrees with beautiful, clear blue sky everyday, yes please.

The Keys to the Kingdom tour was amazing, emotional but amazing, I knew some of the things to expect and was really looking forward to them, some might think it could ruin the magic but it was mainly stuff I knew anyway and I love all the behind the scenes things so knew it would be nothing but an amazing experience for me, I won't go into details because I don't want to spoil it for anyone but it's definitely something I'd recommend doing if you can, you may recall I did the Walk in Walt's Disneyland footsteps tour when I was at Disneyland in September 2016, I've only done these 2 Disney tours but definitely would love to tick more off as I really enjoy them.
I started and ended my trip, as always in Magic Kingdom, I just can't go into any other park first, there's something special about that first morning and walking under the train station, up Main Street and seeing Cinderella Castle in all it's glory and I have to have my last morning doing the same thing.

It was hard, extremely hard to come home from this trip, not having another trip booked, knowing I was returning to awfully cold weather and just leaving behind such magic and somewhere I was enjoying Christmas, but sadly after a week my time was up, I had so much fun, did some new things, put together some Disney bounds I was really proud about which got many lovely compliments and spent the week feeling blessed to be 'home' once again this year.

Some of my trip highlights were -

  • Flying out upper class
  • Keys to the Kingdom tour
  • Cast Members being an absolute delight 
  • Christmas decorations
  • Holiday Wishes fireworks
  • The weather
  • Character interactions

I'm going to put together a few separate posts about my 10th WDW resort, my thoughts on Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party and some of my must do's during the holiday season so look out for those soon.


  1. So glad you had another fab trip Sarah, the photos are amazing. xx

  2. Disney looks even more magical at Christmas, sounds like you had a fab trip! x

    Han |


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