Move it, shake it, celebrate: WDW Day 6

Now anyone with some sense would have had a good lie in this morning after the late night but it was the last full day and I didn't want to be wasting it laying in bed, no matter how much my body was telling me I should. The plan was to originally have a chilled morning and head into Magic Kingdom in the afternoon and stay all evening, I would finally be getting to watch Happily Ever After.

As we'd only made one visit to Animal Kingdom and it being a favourite park of mine, I decided to get up and head there this morning, I had a bit of a late morning, well late in terms of being in Disney type of late morning and arrived at Animal Kingdom just before 11 and first stop was good, I was starving and really wanted to try Satu'li Canteen and boy it did not disappoint, the food was amazing and such great quality for quick service, definitely a must do now on future trips.

Belly finally filled and no longer screaming at me, I had a stroll around Pandora, enjoying how beautiful it is but there was no way I was joining the 3+ hour one to ride Flight of Passage, no matter how amazing it was and how desperate I was to ride it again, I wasn't that desperate, I decided to just take a slow stroll around the park, taking some photos and enjoying how beautiful it is, I just love how well themed and beautiful Animal Kingdom is, it's amazing and every corner you turn looks more and more beautiful. I stopped at almost every photos photographer I went past, because, yes I am that person that loves getting as many as possible and I'm still desperate to get the magic shot with Pascal, still no luck but I did get some nice photos so not all waste of time. It had been about an hour since I'd eaten now and deciding that was plenty of time for my food to have settled and the single rider line at Expedition Everest, of course I had to jump on, I couldn't leave without at least another couple of goes on one of my favourite WDW rides. Surviving the Yeti, I went off in search of Timon, I'd never met him before and he was someone I really wanted to add to my list this year, after a bit of walking around in circles, I finally found him, all hidden away, no I'd heard stories about lengthy queues so was very pleased to only see one other person waiting when I got there. I'm so glad I decided to meet him because the meet was perfect, he was so much fun and spent such a great amount of time with me, definitely a favourite from all of this years character meets.

I then decided to say my goodbyes to Animal Kingdom for another trip and headed towards the exit to jump on a bus over to Magic Kingdom, I'd text my sister but she was still lazying at the hotel, amateurs just don't know how to do Disney properly ;)
I got to Magic Kingdom just after 1 and spotted Chip n Dale meeting in Town Square, of course I had to stop by and say hello to my favourite chipmunks, not willing to share their acorns I waved goodbye and took a slow stroll up Main Street, looking in some shops along the way and decided to grab a Starbucks and have a sit down on the hub grass for a bit, I wasn't feeling exactly full of energy today, in fact I probably could have slept standing up against a lamppost so a sit down and bit of a relax was enjoyed and very much needed, I decided to stay put and watch Festival of Fantasy from where I was, it wasn't the perfect view but I've seen it quite a few times so it was nice to just sit and relax, listen to the music and watch from a far.

Now I'll be honest and admit, I've been back over a month now and adding to the fact some of the day is a blur due to being so tired, I can't actually remember what happened for the next few hours, I know my sister & brother in law finally got into the park around 3.30pm and we did have some FP+ booked which we used and we also stopped by one of my favourite MK quick service places, Cosmic Rays for dinner, we had a good look around the shops triple checking we hadn't forgot to buy anything we'd wanted to and decided to take a trip on the Railroad, I hadn't done this on my trip back in February as it was closed, so it was nice to do it again, I actually really enjoy taking a nice relaxing trip round Magic Kingdom on it. We'd made the full journey round and were back at Fantasyland station around 7.45pm. Now I'd heard the crowds for Happily Ever After recently had be awful, likely due to it only being on a few night s a week with the Halloween parties happening, so rather than use the 7 Dwarfs FP+ we had booked I decided to skip it and stake out a spot, hopefully a good one for the fireworks as making sure I had a good view was really important to me as it would be the first time I'd seen them. I'm so glad I went when I did as a I managed to get a great spot but around 10 minutes after I looked round and the area was so crowded, there wasn't a chance I wouldn't have been stuck back past the partners statue had a I waited any longer, I sat down enjoying my gorgeous view of the castle, my popcorn and waited, around 10 minutes before the start, we were all stood up and moved forward so I ended up being even closer which was great, I don't have the best eyesight, even with my glasses so had I been too far back I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the projections as much.

It was strange not seeing Wishes and if I'm honest, I know Happily Ever After is amazing but I didn't feel the same emotion about it that Wishes gave me, I loved it, it was beautiful and so well done but it wasn't Wishes and I'll forever be sad that I'll never get to stand in Magic Kingdom and watch it ever again. Fireworks over, I had the dreaded task of trying to get through the crowd to find my sister and brother in law who had left it quite late to get a spot to watch and were bak down by Starbucks, I finally made it and we grabbed a drink and sat down for a while waiting for the crowds to settle a bit before even attempting to move, it's so hard to go in any direction just after the fireworks, add in the huge crowds and it makes it hell, we watched Once upon a time from our seats which although I don't love as much as Celebrate the Magic, I enjoy more with each time I watch it.
Finally enough space to walk, we headed over into Adventureland as we had a FP+ for Pirates of the Caribbean, from there we had to have one more ride on Big Thunder Mountain, i love this at night, even more so than during the day and once we'd experienced the wildest ride in the wilderness we headed over to Fantasyland as my sister & brother in law had quite a few snack credits left over so wanted to get some tasty treats, many snack credit used and enough sugary treats to keep you on a sugar high for at least a week we slowly started to make our way out of the park, it was time to head back to the resort for the last sleep in a comfy Disney bed :(

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