Move it, shake it, celebrate: WDW Day 6

Now anyone with some sense would have had a good lie in this morning after the late night but it was the last full day and I didn't want to be wasting it laying in bed, no matter how much my body was telling me I should. The plan was to originally have a chilled morning and head into Magic Kingdom in the afternoon and stay all evening, I would finally be getting to watch Happily Ever After.

Move it, Shake it, Celebrate: WDW day 5

I woke up wondering how the heck it was Tuesday already, we'd barely blinked and had been here 5 nights already, today however was something I was really looking forward to, while not the biggest Halloween fan I love Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party and after last years experience where unfortunately a thunder storm and heavy rain meant we missed quite a bit out, I was looking forward to it even more but hoped the rain would stay away this year.

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