Walt Disney World: All Stars Sports Resort

And just like that another Disney World trip is sadly over, this time I did however manage yet another new resort which took my total up to 9 and means I'm almost halfway to putting a tick by another thing on my Disney bucket list, staying at every WDW resort
When the trip first came about last October I originally booked Coronado Springs with free dining and upgraded to from QSDP to DDP, I wasn't sure from the start if I was going to keep the booking but the free dining was coming to an end and I decided for the sake of the £50 deposit I'd book and decide for certain at a later date. I love the resort but it's one I've already ticked off and an even bigger decided factor was that free dining for solo visitors isn't as great of a deal than if there's 2+ people in the room so it was looking pretty costly with no one to share the room costs with, I decided to look into prices of values and it was working out considerably cheaper plus I had the brainwave that I could upgrade my ultimate ticket to an annual pass on my trip back in February and of course that led to my mind wondering off in all sorts of directions, like could I also fit in that dream Christmas trip? after all I had a ticket, plenty of airmiles and 3 trips in one year would certainly mean I get my money worth with the AP.

Anyway, back to what you're here for, I came across a deal too good to say no to for the All Stars resorts and having stayed in All Stars Music back in September 2015 I had to opt for another this time, and I purely went for Sports over Music as it was cheaper.
This was my 3rd stay in a Value resort, having also stayed in Art of Animation and although I much prefer deluxe resorts and moderates to values the saving was a no brainer especially with the trip being so close to my recent cruise and it not being my only WDW trip this year, saving money was important and lots of young kids and a busy food court aside, I had no issues with my previous stay at All Stars Music.

All Stars is split in to 3 different resorts, Music, Movies and Sports and all of which are of course themed as their name suggests and have exactly the same layout so I felt like I knew the resort before I even arrived. Sports did seem smaller than Music but I don't know if that was my imagination or just the fact I was in a building closer to the main building than I was during my Music stay.
The rooms were pretty much identical in layout and furniture, the only difference of course being the decor is sports themed, my room was in Hoops building 2 which I was definitely pleased with due to the closeness to the pool, food court and bus stop.

I had no issues what so ever during my stay, I did end up preferring it to Music as it seemed less busy, the food court was definitely never as crowded and I never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus, usually one would arrive within moments of me getting to the bus stop and I always managed to get a seat.
If you're looking for a trip on a budget and are considering this resort then I'd say go for it, I have no regrets and if I was doing another budget trip wouldn't hesitate to book again.

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