Move it, Shake it, Celebrate: WDW day 4

We were half way through the trip today and a slower morning was very much needed, these park days are so exhausting and despite quite early nights I was definitely in need of a lay in and had a good 11 or so hours, waking around 9 and slowly got ready to go do some shopping at Disney Springs, I was out the door around 10.30 and at Disney Springs about 20 minutes later.
First stop was food, I was going to try Blaze but fancied my usual Earl of Sandwich so that's where we headed, Hawaiian BBQ for me of course, with no cheese and once ate it was time to do some shopping, I was being very good on this trip and mainly making notes for all the things I'd buy next time as I have a lovely gift card waiting for me on that trip, however I couldn't leave Sephora without parting with some money but compared to my usual visits I was extremely good and restrained.

A couple of hours shopping done and we headed back to our resorts for some relaxing pool time, I fell asleep for about an hour but the pool had got busier during that time and so I decided to head back to my room to shower and head over to Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours before having to meet the other pair at Epcot later in the evening. 
I got into MK not long after 4 and headed straight to Starbucks for my favourite drink and did the basic Disney thing and went and enjoyed it sitting on the hub grass enjoying the view, I had managed to grab a FP+ for Space Mountain so headed off to do that before having a stroll around the park and just enjoying the atmosphere and beauty, I then got a text from BIL to say they weren't going to eat at House of Blues tonight as planned as they wanted to be close to Illuminations and to check what was available in Epcot, not much choice left as it was near 5pm by now but did manage to grab an ADR for Nine Dragons at 6.30pm and after getting some photos along Main Street and picking up the Starbucks you are here mug as they still had a few of the older one and I decided I preferred that over the newer version, I headed out and over to Epcot on the monorail.

Arriving in Epcot just after 5 and with dinner still and over an hour away I popped into a shop for some sweets (needed the sugar) and popped myself on a bench while enjoying my sugary treat and waiting for my sugar levels to go back to normal, little issue dealt with and as my sister & brother in law still weren't in the park I decided to grab some photopass pictures, does anyone else love to make use of this?
Finally all reunited we headed off to China, I was looking forward to trying this again as I'd eaten here once on my very first trip back in 2005 and had really enjoyed it but I don't see people mention i often so wasn't sure if it would still be as nice, from the moment we walked din we were drooling over the food going past as we walked to our table haha what can i say? I was hungry and love Chinese food. Ordering proved tough, I just couldn't make my mind up on what to order, I'd reach the point where everything sounded delicious but in the end went for the Pepper beef and switched out the rice for noodles, no mistake was made here, my meal was absolutely yummy and the beef was perfect, I decided to pass on dessert as I was just too full.

We left the restaurant and I was just about to go back in when our server came running out to me, I'd left my bag with the Starbucks mugs at the table, oops but glad they weren't lost forever. We had some time before Illuminations so we took a slow stroll around World Showcase, looking in a few shops as we went and made our way to UK to watch from, we grabbed a spot around 8.20 as I spotted some space right at the front of the water so wouldn't have no heads blocking any of our view. It ended up being a really great spot, with an almost perfect view but, I'm afraid to say that it still didn't change my mind of Illuminations and I just can't see the big deal in this fireworks show, I've watched it on every trip now and it's just never been a favourite of mine, sorry Illuminations fans.

We parked ourselves on a bench after to wait for the crowds trying to leave the park to hopefully settle down a bit, one of my least favourite things is trying to leave a park straight after the fireworks, it's just a nightmare and I always just prefer to hold off. We waited around 30 minutes and headed out and called it a night and tiredness was taking over again, Disney certainly isn't a relaxing holiday. A bus was just pulling off as I got to the bus stop but thankfully I managed to get on the next one and was back in my room just after 10 and soon heading off into dreamland.

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