Move it, Shake it, Celebrate: WDW day 3

Day 3 was meant to get off to an early start as it was Epcot's 35th anniversary and I knew it would be busy but sleep seemed more important when it came down to it and despite being in bed an asleep not long after 9pm I woke up later than I initially wanted to, I got ready and was on my way by 8.30, a bus came straight away but due to traffic because everyone in the area seemed to be heading into Epcot today, I didn't get in the park till around 9.15, despite the traffic though I was expecting long lines at bag check but it wasn't too bad at all and moved very quickly.
I walked in a grabbed my special Epcot35 map and badge and was about to grab some memory maker photos when the rain decided to come down, as it wasn't too heavy I decided to just get them anyway but once I had it was time to get the poncho out because the heavens had opened and it was now hammering it down, I made a dash for Spaceship Earth, not to ride it but to take cover from the rain under the ball and wait for my sister & brother in law to arrive which was about an jour later. First stop was food so we headed to Sunshine Seasons, a favourite of mine and I fancied another of those delicious Cinnamon rolls I got earlier in the year, food enjoyed and thankfully in that time the rain had eased off and we walked out to just a very light shower which quickly passed and the skies were blue again. As we were walking past Club Cool, I of course had to introduce the new ones to the Beverly, their faces weren't as bad as some I've seen but I don't think either of them will be drinking that again again.

First FP+ for the day was Mission Space, well for the fools anyway, not this person with a brain, I did this ride on my first trip in 2005 without knowing anything about it, not even realising there was a green & orange side and just walked on the orange side, well it was safe to say that I've avoided it ever since because it was a terrible experience and I was left green. While Mission Space was being enjoyed by the unknown, I popped into the Food & Wine centre to grab my special pass holder button. They came out and claimed to be fine, they'd done the green side though so I'd like to see if they'd think the same if they'd rode orange, I suspect not. 
Of course a trip to Epcot wouldn't be complete without photos at the bubblegum wall and as we were practically walking past it we did that next, annoyingly the sun wasn't playing ball and there was a shadow line just below the waist up, ah well, it's better than not getting them at all.

Next on the agenda was to explore World Showcase for the rest of the morning and early afternoon, starting with meeting Anna & Elsa, well it was an absolute must do as we were bounding as them today, the wait was only 20 minutes, well it stated it was but I don't think we ended up waiting more than 10 minutes, it was such a fun meet and they were absolutely wonderful, we talked chocolate, magic powers and frosted shoes. We continued our way around the world stopping to explore each country, we got as far as America and had to head back to Norway as it was time for our Frozen ever after FP+, I love this ride and think it's really cute but I'd never join the regular line for it as I never see it below 40 minutes but we waited about 5 with our FP+. It was now about 25 minutes to my sister and brother in law had an ADR at Marrakesh, I wasn't joining them as nothing on the menu really takes my fancy, so I walked them round and headed off to Japan to grab some lunch for myself, I'd heard lots of good things about the Chicken cutlet (Katsu) curry from Katsura Grill and they were not wrong, it was delicious, I'll definitely be having this again, I then headed off to France for an ice cream and walked to Morocco to meet the pair after their lunch and it was now time to leave Epcot via International Gateway and hop on a Friendship boat over to Hollywood Studios for the rest of the day.

Once in Hollywood Studios we decide to split up for a bit, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee went and did some shopping and I was going to do Character Palooza but it was still a while off and I thought I'd jump in the single rider line for Rock n Rollercoaster and be out quite quickly, well I was wrong as it took almost an hour, so I missed CP unfortunately and went to meet up with the other pair at Starbucks where we stopped for Strawberry Acai and Peanut Butter crunch cookies, both amazing as always, if you're in HS I recommend those cookies so much, they're really good and I've not seen them in the other parks.

Rest and refilled it was time for our Tower of Terror FP+, now the brother in law was adamant he likely wouldn't ride this, despite us insisting it was a simulator ride and only that tall to help give you the illusion you were dropping, he wasn't having any of it haha, we tried but we walked into the queue and he joined us, it was at this point I feared for my sister & I's life because I just knew he would not take kindly to this one, but he got on and his reaction was absolutely hilarious, he was genuinely in fear of his life, I know it's cruel to laugh but we just couldn't help it, I didn't think he'd ever recover. After we had a sit down so he could stop shaking, which took about 20 minutes and in the mean time the rain had returned so out came the ponchos but as soon as they were eon they were coming back off because we were melting in them and thankfully the rain had stopped. I checked wait times and was socked to see Toy Story Midway Mania was only 20 minutes so we walked round, however once we got there the wait said 50 minutes which is over the max I'm prepared to wait and as it was;t too long before our Rock n Rollercoaster FP+ we headed back that way taking a look in all the shops along the way and grabbing some food at Rosie's All American Cafe, it had to be chicken nuggets of course, I love Disney nuggets and was yet to have them this trip. Now it probably wasn't the best idea to fill our bellies just before RnR but we did, brother in law insisting he was opting out of this one which is actually the only thing he didn't do so that was pretty impressive for someone who doesn't do rides.
Limo ride over, it was now around 7.15 and wanting to make sure we had no issues getting seats for Fantasmic as tonight was the only night we could watch, we made our way into the theatre and I was actually surprised how empty it was, it did soon start to fill up but not as much as I'm used to, I suspect due to a lot of people being at Epcot for the special 35th Illuminations. It was nice to just put our feet up for a while so I didn't mind the 45 minute wait, although I do wish the benches had bits at the back to support you a little more as they give me the worst backache when they don't. Fantasmic soon started and as always, the minute the music starts I choke up, we were sat in the splash zone, I had warned the first time watchers they may get wet but they insisted they didn't mind, it was actually nice a cooling though, show over and we made our way out and to the bus stop, we'd missed the start of Star Wars fireworks and it seemed a nightmare trying to get through the crowd to watch so we passed and I'm actually glad we did because by the time I got on a bus and it pulled away I noticed the line had got about 3-4 buses long and I was pleased I wasn't having to wait in that.

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