Move it, shake it, celebrate: WDW day 2

Apologies my 2nd post has taken till now to get up, I always have the intention of live blogging on my trips but tiredness just doesn't let me, after a day in the parks I can barely concentrate enough to find my way back to my room and get into bed, let alone write a blog posts so apologies for that but I'm home now, and although extremely tired and unwell I'm going to try my best to get them up over the next week or so, now on with the next post from my latest trip.
Another park day, another early start and today we were headed to Animal Kingdom and with it being EMH from 8-9am, I was out the room around 7.45 and stopping for a tea on the way to the bus stop, I was still at Animal Kingdom just after 8 and waited by the bus stops for my sister & brother in law to arrive, they got there about 10 minutes later.
First stop was Kilimanjaro Safaris, this park was the one my sister was most excited for and I knew she'd love the safari's so I made sure we headed there first to avoid long queue and of course with the hope to see as many animals as possible, although did have every intention of doing it again later in the evening as the sun was setting after discovering it's an even better time to ride it. Food was now needed and we headed to Rainforest Cafe for our ADR, I ordered the breakfast sliders but I'm not a big breakfast person plus I struggle more with my appetite when I'm unwell so really couldn't eat much but they were good, all important food eaten and we opted to ride Dinosaur as we hadn't booked a FP+ for this and the queue was short so took advantage. I was a bit worried we'd all be seeing our breakfast again with how it chucks you about quite a bit but we were in luck and all was fine haha, next on this agenda was our FP+ for Expedition Everest and I wasn't sure my brother in law would go through with this but was surprised to see he walked into the line with us and had no intention of turning back, the ride photo is hilarious and although he claims it wasn't the worst experience of the trip, that's to come he didn't ride it again but at least he tried. 

It was super hot today and we were in need of a drink, think the bro in law needed a sit down after his experience with facing the Yeti haha, he grabbed a beer and ice water for my sister & I, all refreshed and recovered, I think, we headed towards Kali River Rapids as that was our next FP+, watching the monkeys on our way who seemed very active and like they were putting on a show today, posers!

Our Kali FP+ time had now began so we stuck our bits in a locker, they're free for one hour and very handy to keep your phone,  bag and anything else you need to keep dry as they plastic covers to that used to be in the centre of the ride 'cars' (I've no idea what they're called) have now gone, we got off quite wet but not drenched, I don't know if it's just me but the last couple of times I've been on this it just doesn't seem as long as it used to be and you don't seem to get as wet, anyone else noticed any differences in it this year? We walked over to the area around Tusker House and feeling a little peckish I decided to grab a refill popcorn bucket, they're $10 and you can get refills for your length of stay for $1.50 a time, bargain. We had another sit down down and enjoyed our snacks and drinks before heading around to check out the Pandora area, we had a FP+ much later for Flight of Passage but I really wanted to see the area in daylight too and wow, I was not disappointed, it is absolutely stunning and so well done, we had a walk around the area, took some photos but didn't even attempt the rides as they were both around 3-4 hours, no thank you.

The area was pretty crowded so after a walk around we decided to head back out, stopping for more drinks and sit down on the way, we had a while before our ADR at Yak & Yeti so I sent my sister & brother in law on It's tough to be a bug, there was no chance I was doing it as I'd made that mistake once in my life back in Disneyland in 2009 and will never make it again, I had a look around the shops while they were in there and hoped they weren't going to run out crying like I did, they walked out claiming it to be 'cute' yeah I think they'd taken something they shouldn't have because it's far from cute haha. We headed back over in to Africa as we still had some time before dinner we opted to  go visit the Gorillas and then onto Asia to do the Maharajah Jungle Trek as I love seeing the Tigers, as it was so hot though most animals were just laying on their backs in the shade sleeping, the tiger just reminded me of Minnie (my cat) but just on a larger scale, looked almost as cute & cuddly though.
All hungry we headed to Yak & Yeti to see if we could check in a little early, no problems and after a 10 minute wait we were seated, this is one of my absolute favourites restaurants in WDW and I always struggle with what to order, I want everything but after getting food envy on my last visit back in February with Lottie I opted for the Chicken tikka and was not disappointed, it was absolutely delicious and had so much flavour, food enjoyed all round and bellies very stuffed, we waddled our way out and checked the wait times, it was only 10 minutes for Mickey & Minnie and I really wanted to say hello to my favourite mice so we headed over there and once done, we strolled around for a bit before heading back to Pandora for our FP+ for Flight of Passage, even though it was FP line, as I expected there was still quiet a wait and about an hour after getting in line we finally reached our turn. I like to stay spoiler free as much as I can so wasn't too sure what to expect this to be like apart from I knew it was a simulator ride but wow, I couldn't have even prepared myself for this, it reminded me of Soarin' but of course more updated and even more impressive, I walked off absolutely blown away and cannot wait to ride it again.

We came out to an absolute downpour, you know the typical Florida rain and with that and added to the fact we were all tired so changed our plans from going to watch Illuminations to heading straight back to the hotel and into bed

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