Move it, shake it, celebrate: WDW day 1

Hello from the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World and I can't believe I'm actually writing that but I am here, I'm home and it feels wonderful. There's not many things that feel as amazing as that first morning waking up in a Disney bed and after being absolutely exhausted last night and fast asleep not long after 10, I woke up as always at a crazy hour but thankfully fell back to sleep and woke up again at a more respectable time of 7am.

To be honest I could have slept longer but I had a Kingdom to get to and was out the door and on the Disney bus by 7.45 and at Magic Kingdom just after 8. My sister and brother in law hadn't arrived yet  so I headed in and took some photos around town square and as City Hall was empty I popped in to see if they had any pass holder sliders as I hadn't got mine, they were out of stock when my annual pass magic band was delivered to my resort back in February and they don't ship them to the UK unfortunately but I have it now and looking all glorious on my band, I then got a text from my sister to say they'd just got there so headed back to the entrance to meet them.
We strolled up Main Street taking it all in and of course, grabbing some all important photos on the way and headed to the castle to grab a good spot for the welcome show, once Mickey & the gang had welcomed us we made our way to Be our Guest for our breakfast reservation. I'd had dinner and lunch here a couple of times but never breakfast so I was excited to try this, I opted for the open bacon & egg sandwich (without the cheese of course) it was really good and the pastries that come alongside it was delicious.

Once we were fed we decided to do The Little Mermaid, partly because, well it's right there and secondly because it was a walk on, once we took a trip under the sea we headed over to Storybook Circus to ride Barnstormer and Dumbo, both had waits under 15 minutes. It was now approaching our FP+ time for Space Mountain so that's where we headed next but unfortunately we got there and were met by cast members saying it was broken, we sat down for a bit to decide what to do next and also because, well it's extremely hot & humid and we needed 5 minutes rest. I noticed Peoplemover didn't really have a queue and knowing it would mean more sit down time and be cool, I led us there which was a good shout because with Space being down it meant the lights were on as The Peoplemover went through which is something I'd wanted to see for years. Realising Space Mountain wouldn't be back up and running for some time we opted to use our FP for it on The Jungle Cruise, I thought all the jokes would go over my sister head but nope, she giggled all the way round.

We were all now desperate for a drink so walked over to Tortuga Tavern and had another nice rest while enjoying our drinks, we then noticed it was near 12.45 and our FP+ time for Big Thunder Mountain had only 25 minutes left so that was next on the agenda and once we were off we were all ready for some ice cream and as it was now 1pm and Festival of Fantasy being at 2pm I suggested we head over to Plaza Ice Cream parlour and get a nice treat and then we could get a good spot on Main Street for the parade. Of course, there wouldn't be any other ice cream I opted for than a cone with mint choc chip and trying to eat it all and keep it from dripping down you when it's melting away in the 90 degrees heat is a little difficult, just ask my sister who has chocolate ice cream down her haha. Despite it being 1.55pm we managed to get a great front row spot on Main Street to watch the parade which was so much fun, we got lots of interaction which I don't find happens much during Festival of Fantasy, at least it hasn't to me before so that was really nice, Happy even came over to grab a selfie with my sister which I was excited and a little jealous about, but it's ok cause she's a little Dopey ;) and didn't even manage it, I know, terrible!

Parade over, we had one more FP+ to use today and it was almost time for it, we made our way over to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, I know this ride is quite short and the queue get's so crazy busy but I absolutely love it and have to ride it a few times on each trip. Once we got off we noticed the sky darkening and feeling tired from the early start and heat we decided to make our way out the park so we could all head back for a rest and shower before dinner at one of my all time favourites Ohana. I got back to my room around 3.30pm and grabbed a cup of tea, jumped in the shower and had a lovely lay down for a couple of hours, trying very hard not to fall asleep in fear I wouldn't wake up till it was really late.

It was now time to head over to The Polynesian and when I left my room it was raining lightly but by the time I'd reached the bus stop and waited a short while it had really got heavier, wearing a white t-shirt and having no jacket or poncho was not my best idea but I managed, I waited a while for a bus to Epcot and once there jumped on the monorail. Once checked into Ohana we didn't wait long for our table, probably less than 10 minutes and were seated near enough by the window which was great, the food was amazing as always and we all had to practically be rolled out.
We took our stuffed selves on the monorail to Grand Floridian for a look about and to pop to Basin, where we of course had to make some purchases of Disney soaps and bath bombs, from there we strolled over to the ferry dock to head over to Magic Kingdom to catch our resort buses, it was near 11pm now and we were all shattered after a busy first day plus it's another early start for Animal Kingdom, I was back at All Stars just after 11 and tucked up in bed not long after.

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  1. Loving your daily reports - cant wait to read the rest of them. x


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