My favourite photo spots in London

Now I've started to slowly find the confidence to take outfit photos and venture to pretty locations, posing for photos, getting those 'it was a candid shot, honest' photos and all the while far too many people have been walking past and no doubt thinking 'what an absolute twat' yeah, this taking photos in very public and busy areas can be embarrassing but needs must if you really want to get those photos, do these feelings ever fade completely with the more you do this?
Being born and having lived in this crazy city my whole life, means I already know a lot of locations that are perfect for photo taking, but I've discovered some little treasures this year and beautiful spots around London that I didn't even realised existed which is great fun in itself, although if we're honest it's hard not to turn every corner in London and find somewhere that is calling for you to photograph it or realise what a gorgeous area it would be to have a little photo shoot in your favourite new outfit. It would be selfish of me not to share some of my favourites with you all, though let's be honest here, I'm so late to this party you all probably know about most of them anyway

Top: ASOS || Skirt: ASOS || Shoes: Miss Guided

Shoreditch - A place not to be missed if you're a girl after all the walls. I love a decorated wall for photo backdrops and Shoreditch definitely has one for you, with so much street art on walls and buildings around the area you're bound to spot one or more you love. I love this cute LikeToKnowIt one that was popping up all over Instagram a few months back, unfortunately as far as I know it's now gone but there's still plenty of other spots to find

Chelsea - who isn't a sucker for a row of pastel coloured houses? I certainly am and they don't get much more perfect than this little street, now if anyone would like to buy me one of these houses,  preferably the pink one then well that would be lovely. There's also spots like this in Primrose Hill and Notting Hill which I'm sure you've seen all over Instagram

Greenwich - remember this post I did in collaboration with the Disney Store for their 30th birthday? well this is where I shot the photos, I don't like in a Castle like Belle & the Beast so had to find a beautiful setting and the Queen's House in Greenwich was perfect, not only does it make a beautiful back drop for photos but if you head up to The Royal Observatory in Greenwich park just behind it, you will get a great view of part of London 

Top: ASOS || Shorts: American Eagle || Ears: Disney

Tower Bridge - Let's be honest it doesn't get much more iconic when it comes to London spots than Tower Bridge, whether you're a Londoner or a tourist then it should definitely be somewhere you stop by for some all important Instagram/blog photos and not to mention it's a lovely place to just grab a cup of tea, yeah I don't do coffee and just take a seat and people watching for a while, enjoy the sunshine and remind yourself what a beautiful city London is.

Peggy Porschen - Probably the most popular cake shop on Instagram right now and with it's beautiful floral and pink entrance is it any wonder? it makes the perfect setting for those gorgeous summer outfit photos and honestly, the cakes are so delicious (I highly recommend the strawberry & champagne one) they're worth the visit alone, the facade just makes it all the more perfect

Westminster - This is actually one of my favourite areas in London for photos, purely because you have so many options for perfect London backgrounds all in one area so you're not having to walk halfway across London or jump on an over crowded tube to see and photograph a few famous London sights. Westminster has it all and if you head to the right spot (Great George St) you can even manage Big Ben an iconic red phone box in one photo, then just a few minutes walk straight towards Westminster Bridge, you can take some great photos with the bridge itself and the London Eye  or Big Ben peeking behind you

With summer now coming to an end, that sentence makes me feel so sad and I'm not in the 'yay, Autumn is here/on it's way' group, I'm clinging on to the remainder of Summer for dear life but I am excited to find some pretty locations that scream Autumn over the next few months, I'll be waiting till September is over first though.

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  1. Love this post, I'm going to London in a couple of weeks and plan to hunt down some instagram spots! Peggy Porschen is definitely on my list! xo


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