I've been keeping a secret...

I don't even know how I've managed this as I am awful and I mean the absolute worst at keeping surprises, I really struggle to keep things like this in but this time, well I've had to because I just didn't want to ruin it.
My sister turned 30 this year and since October last year until her birthday two months ago I've been keeping it from her that she was off to Disney World to celebrate. However to make things even harder for myself, there is another surprise that she has no idea about....I'm joining her. That's right, for a year I've had to keep absolute zipped that I'm off to Disney World, yesterday I boarded a flight just 30 minutes before she did and she was absolutely clueless about it, thank you Virgin Atlantic and British Airways for flying from two separate terminals as this made it so much easier, otherwise I would have had to hide myself away in the corner of the departure lounge somehow and pray I wasn't spotted.

Now if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you may have seen me already announce the news of where I was last night but if not, yep, I'm back in my favourite place, Walt Disney World for a week of magic and birthday celebrations.

I landed yesterday evening and tried to get myself out of the immigration/bag collection haul ASAP as I didn't want my sisters flight landing and her getting through before me and leaving the airport before I'd had the chance to shock her.
I'd arranged with her husband to surprise her, which happened to be by the famous Disney wall under the American flag in MCO. It was really important to me that she didn't see me before this point because if you remember our trip last September I was meant to meet her in that exact location but sadly her luggage didn't arrive with her and it threw it all up in the air which she has forever been upset about as she was really looking forward to our planned meet, wearing ears and big smiles and to try and fix that bad memory I wanted to plan it all over again, only this time she had no idea or did she?

Well as soon as she spotted me, she did have quite a surprised look on her face but came running over saying "I knew it, I just knew" so I think she was definitely suspicious and suspected I'd be there, I guess when it comes to Disney she just knows that I'm never going to miss an opportunity to be there but she wasn't certain.
We made our way to magical express and parted ways for own hotels with plans to meet at Disney Springs once we'd dropped our cases, checked in etc but I got to my room and the tiredness just hit me so badly and I knew I'd never make it to DS, eat and back to the hotel without falling asleep somewhere along the way so I text letting know my change of plans, grabbed my favourite breadsticks and sauce which I was just too tired to even finish and headed back to the room for a shower and was in bed and asleep just after 10, ready for the first morning ritual of Magic Kingdom

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  1. Just discovered your blog Sarah, looking forward to reading more about your Disney trips as well as all the other stuff. I am off to MK next year for the first time in 24 years!! Need lots of hints and tips....x


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