Disney Magic in the Med: Part 5

Today we were meant to dock in Villefranche which was a port I was quiet looking forward to, it certainly looked the most pretty and I was hoping to meet a Prince in Monte Carlo ;) but unfortunately due to adverse weather we were told on the previous night we'd be having a day at sea instead and docking in Marseille on Friday, yeah not quite the same but it's weather and you can't do anything about it.

Unfortunately it seemed our day at sea wouldn't be met with amazing weather like we'd enjoyed on the previous 2 days, it was sunny and lovely blue skies but the wind was a nightmare which was a shame but at least with the change in plans we got another lovely lie in and after our late night it was enjoyed, we did intend to have room service breakfast but we forgot to put the form out with out order on so we had to drag our lazy bodies up to Cabanas.
As there was a switch in port and sea day, things scheduled for Friday were now happening today instead which meant we had our Princess meet this morning, however we had some time between finishing breakfast and needing to be in the atrium for that so what else would 3 girls do when the weather isn't great? shop of course and that's where we headed.

Shopping done, for now, it was time for our Princess meet and by now we'd met them a few times and it was just like hanging out with royal friends, Rapunzel wanted to join our little Princess group, maybe she wanted a change of company for a while haha, they were all absolutely delightful as they have been each time we've seen them, one thing I love about character meets on the ships is how they get to know too, a hello to Spiderman after and then we decided to part ways for a bit as Lottie wanted to go take some photos around the ship, Sammy wanted to get changed and I was keeping everything crossed that it had warmed up and the sun was shining enough for some tanning, so I headed up to the adults only pool, it was quite busy up there but extremely windy so I didn't even attempt trying to lay a towel on a lounger and just grabbed a drink and sat by the bar for a while and before long Sammy had joined me and then Chelsea and her sister, Tilly joined us for a cocktail and finally Lottie found us and we sat in the lovely sunshine (just a shame it was so windy) having a good chat.

Lunch was calling us and as the wind was insisting on messing with our hair we moved to a spot where hopefully our chicken tenders wouldn't go flying across the deck and enjoyed another yummy lunch, once done Chelsea went off to bingo and it was time for our Frozen meet & greet which was in Animator's palate, so we made our way down there and had a fun meet with Elsa, Anna & Olaf. It was not far off 4pm now so we decided to head back to our stateroom and get ready for the evening, it was Pirate night tonight and we had a lot of characters to meet in their pirate outfits so wanted to make sure we were ready with plenty of time. 
Ready, we headed down to where Chip n Dale were meeting to meet with Chelsea & Tilly and got in the queue to meet the cheeky chipmunks, that's Chip n Dale, not Chelsea and Tilly but I can understand if you got them mixed up ;) fighting the wind outside we attempted to get some outfit photos which proved quite difficult and accepting we probably got as best as we would, we headed back inside to meet pirate Mickey then off to tonights show which was Josh Strickland, star of Tarzan on Broadway incase you wasn't sure who he is, I wasn't sure how tonights show was going to work, what it would be like etc but I enjoyed it as he sang some Disney Broadway classic, show over and we had more characters to meet, we joined the queue for Minnie followed by Jack Sparrow, well we couldn't not meet him on pirate night could we? and then it was time for dinner, tonights service was a little quicker than usual which is to make sure nobody misses the Pirates deck party, which when we headed outside for we were so pleased to see they were handing out blankets because the wind had not calmed down and it was making for a pretty cool evening, the plus point was that it was as crowded as I'd seen it on my last 2 cruises and we got a great spot. Sadly the high winds meant the star of the show couldn't make his usual entrance which I was sad about, I was looking forward to Sammy & Lottie seeing that part as I love it, but the fireworks still happened and were great.

Show and fireworks over, most people headed straight to the special party buffet, however we were still full from dinner, probably due to the 2 desserts again and opted to head to Fathoms to see Junnk, one of the entertainment bands, we had no idea what to expect but ending up laughing our heads off from start to end, even more so when I was picked from the audience to be serenaded in front of everyone, I didn't know where to look and laughed my way through most of it. After Junnk had finished it was time for DJ night again and we decided to stay and party once again, well till our eyes and feet decided it was time for bed.

Our last day onboard and we were docked in Marseille, I woke up with a man entering our room, no my friends hadn't brought a stranger back, it was our room service breakfast which was a very much welcomed sight, Lottie then informed me of the miserable weather that was awaiting us today, queue feeling disappointed that I wouldn't be able to make the most of our last day and trying to tan myself as much as possible but we got dressed and decided to head down to the Promenade Lounge for a while, catching up online, checking emails, Instagram etc as we had service again after a day without it yesterday. Lottie headed off to the onboard cinema while Sammy and I continued to sit on our bums till we had the bright idea to go get ice cream, because, well that's something we just loved to do every day, on multiples occasions :D 

Having nothing better to do we decided there was only one thing for it, more food and headed to our final visit to Cabanas where I really took advantage, 2 plates full of food and a glorious dessert later we left and decided to brave the chilly weather and went to the adults only pool which was lovely and empty, shame the weather wasn't better for it but we didn't let that stop us and got into our bikinis and were going to get into the hot tub, however Chelsea and Tilly convinced us to do the Aqua Duck slide, however once we got to the top they both did it but Lottie & I just couldn't bring ourselves to go down, the floor opening beneath us and having no control over pushing ourselves down the slide was just too much for us, once we'd calmed down from all the laughing at Chelsea as she screamed her way all the way to the bottom, it was time to warm up in the hot tub. By now it was around half 4 and had started to rain, we decided to leave the hot tub and head back to our rooms for showers and to get ready for our last evening.

Before tonights show we decided to say our goodbyes and thank you to Mickey & Minnie for an amazing week, they were as adorable as ever and I love their sailor outfits. We then went to get our seats for tonights show, another I'd seen and one I'm not wowed by but decided to watch again anyway incase I'd had a change of heart, there was a couple of additions since I'd last seen it and a few parts had me choke up but I still wasn't wowed by it, after Lottie & I headed off to D-Lounge for the Q&A with Josh Strickland, who we got to meet afterwards and he was absolutely lovely, very chatty, from there we had to rush to dinner as we were almost late, it had become a little running joke about us being late, we'd not arrived on time since the first night, oops! 

We were eating at Animator's Palate again tonight and as it was our last night in there it meant it was our turn for the animation show, as we were seated we had to draw our own character onto the template that was waiting for us at our seat, once done they were taken away and we'd see our amazing (i use that term loosely, mine was far from that) drawing come to live on the screens around the restaurant after dessert, I love the amazing fun bits like this that you only get on a Disney cruise.
Dinner over and our tanks you said to our server team, we hurried to the atrium for the Til we meet again show, I loved this on the Fantasy and even shed tears during it, so I'd hyped it up quite a bit to my new to DCL friends and sadly we were all disappointed, it wasn't the same, in fact it wasn't even a patch on the Fantasy version which was such a shame but we still loved seeing all the crew, cast members and characters that had made our week so special, we headed up to deck 9 and all grabbed a drink together and said our goodbyes to Chelsea, Carrie & Lisa before heading back to our room to finish our packing and climbing into the comfy bed for one last sleep.

Sadly the next morning arrived once we'd had our last breakfast it was soon almost 9.30 and we were practically being booted off the ship, it's a heartbreaking time I tell you. This was my 3rd Disney cruise and definitely will not be my last, I absolutely love them, the magic, the service, the cast members, the ship, everything is perfect and I'm so glad I got to spend a week onboard with people that are so special to me, we made memories that will last forever. 

See ya real soon Mickey!

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