Disney Magic in the Med: Part 4

We woke up to another beautiful sunny day, yay I could get some sunbathing done and having nothing to get up for we decided we deserved a nice lie in today. Today's port was close to Pisa & Florence and I was only fussed about getting a photo looking like I was holding the leaning tower of Pisa up, yeah I know roll your eyes haha but it wasn't as easy to get to the train station as Rome and as Sammy & Lottie had both visited previously we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a quiet ship.

After finally dragging ourselves out of bed and up to Cabanas for breakfast we went and did our usual thing, yep you guessed it, take photos, with the sun shining and the ship quiet it really was a perfect day for it and photos done it was time to go and grab that all important sun lounger by the extremely peaceful adults only pool, we had such a lovely few hours just chatting, eating and most importantly tanning, oh well me and Lottie did pop off briefly to discover the child side of us as we decided we just had to have a go on the water slide and play in the splash area.

It got to around 3.30pm and knowing how long it takes us all to get ready, added to the fact it was semi-formal night and we really wanted to be ready early tonight to ensure we got great seats for the show, it was Tangled: The musical and we were all extremely excited for this one, we headed back to our stateroom and started the lengthy process. All ready, we headed back up to the top deck to find a spot for, yes more photos, well we were all dressed up so it would be wrong not to and once we'd got the many shots we'd all wanted we headed back down and to the theatre and managed to grab perfect seats.

WOW! There aren't enough great things I can say about this show to do it justice, it was absolutely amazing, the cast, the staging, everything was perfect and yes there were tears shed, don't judge. Show over, we made our way out the theatre and joined the line to meet Rapunzel who was, as always so lovely, we said our goodbyes and made our over to the atrium to meet Tiana who I cannot say enough amazing things about either, she's always such a delight to say hello to and have a chat with and we even had a little Princess dance to some rock n roll tonight, princess chats over and dinner time called, we'd all reached that point of the cruise where 1 dessert was just not enough during a 4 course meal so we all went for 2 tonight and with no shame, they were delicious.

Dinner over, feeling the size of the ship we waddled out of the restaurant and met Minnie before heading off to O'Gill's pub as tonight was the Snuggly Duckling takeover, which involved the Stabbington Brothers taking over the place and doing a skit, it was a good laugh and I even got a brief appearance haha, well it ended up being a starting point of being dragged into shows as I had an even bigger part to play in something that was to come over the next coupe of days. 
After the fun and games were over in O'Gills we went to meet Donald and decided to finish a great day in Fathoms for DJ night, it was past midnight and my feet were screaming at me to sit down, the music went a bit downhill and obviously all a bit too old for the party life haha we headed off for our beds.

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