Disney Magic in the Med: Part 3

It seems every morning gets harder and harder to pull yourself out of the Disney Cruise beds, I don't think I've ever mentioned it before but they're ridiculously comfortable, but we managed because our tummies were screaming for food and Rome was calling our names.

This cruise I was more excited about just being on the boat rather than seeing the places it was stopping at but Rome was one of the ports I did actually really want to explore as it's been on my bucket list for quite some time now, we got ready and headed up to Cabanas for breakfast and I don't know what I was more excited for, the food I could smell and was about to eat as much of as possible or the glorious sunshine that was glaring down on this beautiful ship, either way it was a perfect start to the day.
The port is about an hours train journey from Rome itself and just €10 return, so rather than go via one of the organised tours, taxi or any other possible way, we opted for the train, it was easy and cheap, we arrived in Rome around 12pm and with only 4 hours to enjoy the city we made Trevi Fountain and The Colosseum our priorities but first stop was a toilet break in McDonalds just outside the station which I don't recommend at all, they weren't exactly my idea of clean, grabbing a drink on the way out and we headed off to our first stop, Trevi Fountain

Now, I'd loved to say I really enjoyed the experience especially as it was the one of our two stops I was most excited for but honestly, I couldn't wait to escape, when people say it's crowded they aren't kidding, it's crazy and people were pushing and shoving constantly trying to get their photos and as close to the front of the foundation as possible not caring who they knock out on the way. Photos done, we quickly headed out of the crazy area and thankfully enjoyed walking some more quieter streets and made our way to the Colosseum.
Being another tourist trap is was busy and full of street vendors trying to sell selfie sticks and portable chargers, said vendors didn't seem to understand the words 'no thank you' which was a little frustrating to say the least, honestly I don't think these crazy busy tourist cities are for me, I don't have the patients or enjoy such large crowds but I am glad I finally got to see Rome, if only briefly. Deciding to pass on the multiple offers of 'skip the line tickets' we joined the regular queue and before long we'd parted with €12 each and were inside, it's surreal seeing such well known place in person, a loop around the inside and doing the typical tourist thing and taking multiple photos we made our way out and headed back towards the train station.

Of course we couldn't come to Italy and not get ice cream could we, this was also on my must do list so we headed back to the station via an ice cream place, oh and FYI ice cream in Rome doesn't come cheap, this delicious choice was a mere €7 euro, definitely the most expensive ice cream I've ever had haha but worth the money as I'd been waiting for it since we booked the cruise and after a day in the sunshine, it was just what we needed. 
After a minor mishap with the shuttle from the town to the ship we were back onboard just after 6pm and headed straight back to our room for showers and to get ready for dinner, tonights show wasn't a Disney one so we were all ok to miss that rather than rushing like crazy to make it, plus the superhero's were out tonight so we had to look our best for them ;) All ready we made our way to the atrium and met with Thor and Captain America and headed off for that great part of the day, dinner and tonight we were back at Animator's Palate and not having had enough ice cream today I just had to take the opportunity tonight to order a Mickey Premium bar (little secret, you can order this at dinner, as room service and a couple of there locations on Disney cruises). Dinner done we had a date with Spiderman and Donald to get to, we met up with Chelsea, Lisa & Carrie and planned to go to Fathoms but it seems the DJ was delayed and karaoke was still going on so as we were all feeling a but heavy eyed after such a busy day we called it a night instead and decided we'd have our fun tomorrow instead.

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