Disney Magic in the Med: Part 2

Monday was our first stop, Naples and although I didn't actually have anything set in stone about getting off the ship I was planning on finding out how easy it was to visit Sorrento from the port, however the weather put a stop to that and when Sammy returned to the room to grab a jacket before heading off on her excursion she informed us that it was grey, very grey out and horribly wet, definitely not what I signed up for.

Lottie & I decided to just chill out in bed for a bit before realising we better move ourselves if we wanted to make it to breakfast and headed up to Cabanas for another plate full of yummy food. Lottie then dragged me off to the gym, I'd never been in the ship gyms and figured as the weather was poop and I wasn't missing out on sunbathing time, I'd take the opportunity to have nosy around, despite the lack of gym attire, I was in denim shorts and flip flops, I did have a little stroll on the treadmill and a couple of squats, well got to make the effort haven't I? haha, all that hard work deserved a snack and as the gym had a pile of fruit, I indulged in some while Lottie continued her workout.
Still no improvement on the wet weather, we decided to go to the open houses of the kids clubs, they're usually only open to children of set ages but on embarkation day and set hours on port days they offer a few open houses where anyone can go play, I mean have an adult mooch around ;) first we stopped by Edge which is for 11-14 year olds and then it was off to the one we was most excited for, Oceaneer Club for 3-12 year olds, and grown up children it seems as we had loads of fun, even getting to have a go on the Slinky slide and our last stop was Vibe for 14-17 year olds. Kids clubs thoroughly checked out, it was time for some lunch and instead of going back to Cabanas we opted for Boiler Bites and sat by the pool watching Jungle Book on Funnel vision enjoying our food, by the time we had eaten the wind and chilly air had got the best of us and we decided to give in and head back inside and also popping by our stateroom to grab our jumpers.

Captain Hook was due to meet in the atrium soon so we headed down there and grabbed a comfy seat and sat chatting while we waited, however Sammy returned early from her excursion and with a rumbly tummy and never one to turn down food, we chose more food and some ice cream over meeting Captain Hook. Overloaded on ice cream we headed back down to the lower decks where it was warmer than sitting outside and after bumping into Chelsea we all headed off to Oceaneers Club open house, well I wanted another turn on the slide, much childish behaviour and laughter went on and pulling ourselves together we made our way back out again and popped along to meet Minnie.

Knowing how long it takes 3 girls to get ready for dinner, we decided to head back to our room and start the long process, a couple of hours and a short power cut later we were ready and headed off to get good seats for tonights show Walt Disney: The Dream Goes On, I should have packed my tissues really because with a title like that, it was bound to cause me tears, if you know me then you'll know that I can't hold them back and get quite emotional when it comes to watching or hearing about Walt and of course tonight was no different, it was such a cute show but definitely emotional and the very end bit, well it should have come with a 'will cause plenty of tears' warning. 
The usual photos of ourselves taken and it was time to meet Mickey before another amazing dinner, tonight at Lumiere's which I'm sure from the name you can guess is Beauty & the Beast themed, waddling out after eating probably, too much food we got in the queue to meet Donald and then Daisy who were both fabulous, we popped into D-Lounge briefly but we had an early start tomorrow so decided to call it a night and head off to bed.

Another amazing day, but let's keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow gives us the sunshine we were hoping for.

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