Disney Magic in the Med: Part 1

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll probably know I spent last week on the Disney Magic, my 3rd Disney cruise and had an absolute blast. A week spent with wonderful friends, stupid amounts of food and cast members who deserve constant praise.
Lottie and I woke up at silly hour and headed off to Gatwick for our 6.45am flight to Barcelona, yep we were regretting that silly idea to fly out early on embarkation day, after a smooth journey and landing a little early it was time to meet up with Sammy and after a little terminal confusion we were in a taxi and on our way to the port to board the beautiful ship.
The whole security, check in and boarding seemed a little less well done than at Port Canaveral but I kind of expected that as Disney obviously doesn't have it's own building here, we arrived around 11 and after handing over our luggage and weather issues causing a delay in boarding we finally got on around 1 and were absolutely starving so of course, we headed straight to the buffet and indulged in pretty much everything they were offering, well might as well start as we intended to carry on the week.

Bellies well and truly full we headed off to see our stateroom and unpack, then it was time for the most boring part of any cruise, life boat drill, thankfully it was over and done with pretty quickly and we headed off to deck 9 and 10 for a nosey around and of course, those all important photos. Due to the miserable weather which unfortunately continued as a theme throughout most of the cruise, the sail away party was moved into the Atrium but by the time we got down there it was crowded and practically over, we then decided to explore the ship a little more before watching the first show of the week - Be Our Guest which gives you a little tease of what's to come over the next 6 nights and left us feeling very excited, especially for the Tangled show, I'd actually seen 2 of the shows already when I was on my first cruise aboard the Magic back in 2014.

A freshen up and change of clothes and we were off to dinner and we hit the dinner rotation jackpot as we got Animator's Palate on our first night which meant we get to eat in my favourite restaurant 3 times, yay! We were greeted by our amazing servers, if you haven't cruised before you have the same servers every night and they follow you with your rotation which is great as you really get to know them and they get to know you, your likes/dislikes and most importantly drink order over the week. The theming is this restaurant is absolutely amazing and the amazing shows that you get to watch in here just complete it, our first night's dinner was delicious and before dessert arrived a special someone mouse popped by to say hello, I knew about this but kept it quiet as I wanted to keep it a nice surprise for Lottie & Sammy.

Dinner over and feeling really tired, we headed out the restaurant and went to meet Donald before heading straight off to bed as we'd been up so early we were really feeling heavy eyed and wanted to be fresh for a fun day at sea.

Our first full day onboard started off early, many yawns accompanied my wakening but no time for more sleep as we had a breakfast date with Mickey & pals to get to, more yummy food was enjoyed and we got meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.
We had a few hours before our next set plans so we headed up to the top decks for more photos, well put 3 bloggers/vloggers on a trip together and it was bound to be an important part of every day wasn't it?

Photos taken and a walk around the deck, it was time to head back down to the atrium to meet the Princesses, Chelsea had her meet booked for this morning and as her family weren't interested in meeting them with her, they kindly donated their tickets to us. The 4 Princesses onboard the Magic at the moment were Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle and Cinderella who were all absolutely wonderful. Princess chats done and the sun now shining a little we headed up to the pool for some relaxing and sunbathing, grabbing an ice cream and drink on the way, one of my favourite things about Disney cruise ships is the ice cream machine. A couple of hours passed and our stomachs were asking for the lunch buffet and not people to ignore such a request off we went to Cabana's to indulge once again in everything we possibly could, well we needed to feed ourselves to get our brains working as next on our plans was Ultimate Disney trivia quiz in O'Gill's pub, now having the sponge that is Lottie with us I expected we'd win this but those questions aren't easy and we ended in around 4th place which wasn't too bad but the bonus question we absolutely killed and if the winner was picked on that, we'd have flown away with the prize.

It was around 3pm by now and trying to console ourselves over the loss, we needed more ice cream and popped up to get one before heading back to our room for a little relax and to make sure we had enough time to get ready for this evening which was formal night, we did have 1 bathroom and 3 girls so we needed to allow time, plus planned photos, watching the show, meeting characters, it's a jam packed evening.
All dressed up our first stop was to meet Donald in his tux, and next up was those cheeky Chipmunks and after a few lots of outfit photos, we went to get our seats for tonights show - Twice Charmed: An original tale on the Cinderella story, I'd seen this show before but it was nice to watch it again and I think I actually liked it more the 2nd time around. Show over we didn't have too long before Minnie and then Daisy came out in their formal outfits so we headed over to meet them both, they looked fabulous as always and were great fun. 

It was now dinner time and tonights was at my least favourite restaurant on the Magic, Carioca's, it's not the food here that I'm not keen on, that's as amazing as the others but compared to how well done the other restaurants are, this one just lacks those Disney touches for me, the seas were pretty sloppy tonight and sadly Lottie had to call it an early night as she wasn't feeling great so after dinner Sammy & I went to check on her before going to meet Mickey

Being the absolute party animals that we are, yeah of course I'm kidding, we were pretty tired by this point and decided to call it a night especially as Sammy had an early start for her tour on our first stop, Naples.

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