My Las Vegas must do's

Last year I posted about my favourite holiday destination after Disney, the amazing and unique place that is Las Vegas, it's somewhere that has been playing on my mind quite a bit recently because I have such an urge to return but I've promised myself that I need to try new places, explore new states and countries rather than being a serial holiday repeater, yeah I know I keep going back to Disney but that's different right, right?

When you think of Las Vegas you no doubt think of it as a place to party and gamble, you wouldn't be wrong but I promise there is much more to do there beyond that. After 3 trips and not being much of a party person, I'd jump at the chance of hoping on a plane there tomorrow if I could.
Now my biggest tip is if you don't want to walk outside and literally feel like you've just stuck your head in your oven (no, I'm not kidding) then avoid going in July & August, I did it once and went over 4th July weekend and it was hot, hotter than anywhere I'd ever experienced before and not something I'm in a rush to repeat and this is coming from someone who loves hot weather.

When it comes to things to do I feel like Las Vegas has it all with shopping, good food, partying, gambling, tanning time, shows and even rollercoasters, yep Vegas definitely has something for everyone and I just had to share some of my must do's with you

Las Vegas sign - How can you go to Sin city and not visit the iconic sign and get a picture, it's actually something that I've only done on my first trip which I'm kind of sad about and definitely a must do for me if when I return again

Evening helicopter ride over The Strip - This was something that I finally got around to doing on my last trip back in 2013 and absolutely loved, I'd never been in a helicopter before and had wanted to for some time and what better way to do it than a flight over The Las Vegas strip with all the bright lights shining and it was such a great experience 

Watch a show/sporting event - My 2 return trips were actually for a specific reason other than just returning to a much loved place, they were to watch UFC events and I could not have enjoyed them anymore. As a fan of UFC anyway I was so excited to attend events in the place that's considered home of UFC and it did not disappoint, yes tickets are pricey for such events but I promise they are worth every penny if it's something you enjoy, you'll not find an atmosphere like it

Watch the Fountains of Bellagio - One of my absolute favourite things to do on every trip, in fact I can't help but stop and watch them every time I'm going past The Bellagio, they're so well done and look beautiful whether it's day or night and of course, loving the US national anthem my favourite one to catch is Star Spangled Banner

Explore the hotels - With a strip full of beautiful and unique hotels that not only have amazing food and shopping opportunities but are attractions in themselves, you need to make sure you spend some time exploring them, you'll even find some have rollercoasters, yeah Las Vegas really is a place like no other, it's not like you can walk from Paris to Venice anywhere else ;)

Now it's been 4 years since my last visit so I'm sure there has been some fun additions of fun things to see and do since then which I haven't experienced so cannot mention and a must do for me next time is also a trip out to The Grand Canyon as it was something I'd wanted to do on every previous trip but just didn't get around to.
Have you been to Las Vegas before? if so, what are some of your must do's? I'd love to add them to the list for my next visit


  1. Vegas is one of my favourite places, I just love you can have any type of holiday you want there. My mum and I enjoy just walking the strip and exploring the casinos - there's always something new to discover.

    Victoria x

  2. I love Vegas, first went in 2008 and the last time was June this year which marked our 7th visit. There is always so much to do and see, plus the shopping and eating/drinking are amazing.

  3. If you are confused on what nightclubs to visit in Las Vegas, you are not alone.i loved this


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