Makeup for those park days

One question I see getting asked quite often on Twitter is 'what makeup does everyone wear at the parks?' and it gets such a variety of responses, from some people who don't bother with it to the other end of the scale and those who still wear a full face, no matter the temperature.
For me, I'm in the full face group, even in those 90+ degree temps and crazy humidity of Florida, knowing I'm going to be having my photo taken quite often throughout the day and no doubt be sharing some online means for my own self confidence, I need to wear it.
It's been a complete trial and error over the years to find out what does and doesn't work for me makeup wise while I'm away but I've finally found some great products that stay in place or help keep everything in place as long as possible on my combo skin with oily t-zone that can go from matte to shiny quicker than Rock N Rollercoaster will shoot you off

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - I've not found another foundation that holds up like this, no matter how hot & sweaty I am, this will stay put and keep covering every imperfection I want it to and believe me I've tried many but nothing compares. Foundations never seem to last as well in the heat, and when you're getting extremely hot and sweaty then it's no surprise to find they wear off after a few hours and just melt away but Doublewear definitely has staying power under all conditions. I wish I felt comfortable enough to just skip it or use a tinted moisturiser instead as it would probably be so much better but I just love my fuller coverage and this is my go to foundation for coverage and staying power. I also pack two shades because I find as a holiday goes on I just can't get away with my lighter everyday shade, so have a holiday shade too

Too Faced Hangover Primer - I've tried so many primers, honestly you name it and I've probably tried it, I'm addicted to them almost as much as foundation and having combo skin am always hunting for the perfect one for me, I can't apply my foundation without using one. My loyalty was with Benefit Porefessional for quite some time, I'd tried many others but nothing worked as well for me as that and then I picked the Too Faced one up in Florida and instantly put my Porefessional down and didn't touch it again for quite some time. This worked so well for me during the trip and it's the primer I now always pack for trips and it definitely helps keep my makeup in place for longer

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray - the holy grail of all the products I use on holiday, this stuff is my god and I will not leave the door without using it, I'm currently all out (which is why it isn't pictured) and am using Makeup Revolution setting spray which is actually a really good, cheaper alternative if you're looking for something that is drug store over department store prices. I wouldn't say it works as well as the Urban Decay but it definitely does a good job, especially for the price. I'd say if you're going to get 2 products to help keep your 'face' in place then setting spray and setting powder are the key ones

MAC Pressed Blot Powder/Studio Fix Powder - these aren't actually products I use on my face when I do my makeup but something that I carry in my bag for touch ups throughout the day when the enviable shine starts coming through. Both work really well for what I want them to do but I slightly prefer the Studio Fix for the slight extra coverage it gives incase my foundation has started to wear a bit in places.

I'm still yet to find my perfect setting powder, I've tried a few loose ones but just can't find one that I've fallen in love with and declared 'the one' but I've heard many good things about the Laura Mercier one so that's next on my list to try but if you've got any recommendations then please let me know.


  1. I find I have most problems with my eye liner smudging around the outer corners of my eyes. Im yet to find a good one that lasts in the heat.

  2. The Laura Mericer loose powder is fab, I bought the travel sized pot to try while we were away this year and it really does the job. The full size pot will be on my Christmas list!


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