I'd hate to imagine a life without you

Do you have something in your life, not a person but a place, a film, a song, just something that really means something to you and is always there for you, something that no matter how down you are, how hard life seems to be treating you, it helps, it gets you through and makes you smile again? I do, and for me, it's Disney, of course it is, you didn't expect me to say anything else surely ;)
I briefly spoke about what it is that makes me love this amazing company during my Disney store turns 30 post, Disney really has brought so much to my adult life. As a child I remember dreaming of visiting the parks, watching and owning the films but my real love and appreciation for Disney and realising all the history, what Walt believing in his dreams has given us etc didn't really sink in till I stood in a park for the first time, that's when my love for Disney grew considerably and I realised how special and important it would become to me.
The parks have been a place I've made so many wonderful memories, had magical moments and given me a place to find myself and my happiness again, the escape real life during tough times, the films have taught me to be strong, determined, have hope and that life might not always be easy, there'll be tough times, there'll be tears, there'll be heartache but those will pass and happiness will win again and it's taught me to really appreciate it when it does. As a company overall it has given me some amazing friends, people who I never would have even met if it weren't for Disney, memories I've made with them and that will stay with me forever and friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all" - Mulan

I'll never forget the first time I walked into a Disney park, it was 24th September 2005 and the park was Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, I suddenly found a place where I knew would become more than a holiday destination, somewhere that I instantly felt like I'd left all my troubles and worries at the 'door' and I was filled with nothing but pure delight and happiness, smiling from ear to ear. But it was my WDW trip in 2015 that made me realise just how important the Disney Parks are to my life, I was not in the best of places, I felt I was a little lost, suddenly my life was turned upside down and the path I thought my life was going was suddenly blocked, everything as I knew it had changed but I went on that trip, I left all my sadness at home and enjoyed every minute and came home with a new outlook, I started to find the old, happy me again and being on that trip, being in the Disney magic assured me that everything would be ok and to some it might just be a theme park but to me it's more than that and as silly as it may sound to some, it was the place that changed my frame of mind from a dark place to a bright, colourful place again.

Yes, I'm in my 30's and Disney is my happy place, Disney as a company means so much to me and has brought so much to my life in so many ways and you know what, I love to shout that to the world because those who think it's just a childish thing with no importuning meaning, clearly have not taken enough notice to see how special it truly is. I will never feel embarrassed or that I'm too old for Disney to have so much meaning to me and be what I turn to when I need an escape from reality.

"if you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead" - Ratatouille 

Mickey Mouse body || Black denim ripped shorts || Black bow open toe boots

Can you imagine how different your life would be without Disney in it? Thank you Walt Disney, thank you for everything you've brought to my life and everything you'll continue to bring, for not stopping until your dreams became a reality. 

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