Happiness in July

Is there anything to possibly stop time right now because this year is passing much faster than I'd like it to, I honestly cannot believe we're now in August already and at this rate, we'll be blinking at it will be Christmas again, I dread the thought.

I am not ready for the early dark nights, winter wardrobe and no hot, sunny days, you know because our wonderful British summer is giving us lots of them right now isn't it? please come back summer! July for me has been a pretty hectic but fun month, I've managed to tick some things off my summer bucket list, it was my sister's birthday which meant a big secret I'd been keeping for months was finally out and thankfully we did have some nice sunny days, so on with my highlights

Thorpe Park - After saying for the past 3 or so summers that I must make a trip as I hadn't been in around 16 years and there was a couple of rides I'd been wanting to do. Despite getting caught in an absolute dreadful downpour and having no where to turn for cover as we were in the queue for Swarm, getting soaked through and then having to travel home in that wet state, we had a really fun day and got to do all the big rides we wanted apart from Stealth which was closed for the day

Disney Magic - The Disney Magic was back in Dover and as it's now become tradition and not forgetting I'll be boarding the beautiful ship next month (I can't believe I can finally say that), it was only right to jump in the car and head down to see it, plus the weather was lovely and it's so nice to get out of the city and head to the coast on a beautiful summer day

Good food - both Peggy Porschen and The Breakfast Club have been on my must visit list for some time now and what better time to try them than a birthday weekend, so that's what my sister & I did, because you can never have enough treats when celebrating and it just has to involve good cake. Neither disappointed. in fact I'd go as far as saying the Strawberry & Champagne cake at Peggy Porschen's was one of the best slices of cake I've ever had 

Lots of quality family time - July brought lots of time spent with family, those special ones that mean the most to me and there's nothing more important than these moments to bring happiness. We've enjoyed good food, lots of laughter, many jokes, a few cocktails and some fun shopping time, what more could you want?

August will be a quiet month for me, I need to give myself plenty of rest time and try and get my body in the best possible way ready for my Disney Cruise next month and after pushing myself a bit too much in July, I need lots of relaxation and looking after myself. How was your July? did you have any highlights for the month? here's to a happy August for all everyone

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