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You may remember I wrote an updated Disney bucket list not too long ago, which I'm sure is going to take some years to tick everything off, well that's even if I can as there are a few things listed that aren't really much of a possibility but I like to dream and how dull would a bucket list be if it was full of easily achievable things.

Personally I love a bucket list, or 3, Disney, travel and just anything I can make a list from to be honest and when I saw Attraction Tickets Direct had launched a competition based on one, well I was instantly interested to find out more, especially when I realised it was Disney World based and came with the chance to win a trip to there.

I loved reading their WDW bucket list items and ticking off all the ones I've done and was impressed with my 22 out of 30, and the rest I hope to be able to say I've done over the next couple of years, fingers crossed. I figured it would be fun to share some photos of a few of the things I could put a tick by...

1. Get a photo with your favourite character

11. Get closer to wildlife on Kilimanjaro Safari

23. Eat something Mickey shaped

24. Dine at Cinderella's Royal Table

27. Experience a Disney Festival 

Now, I know you're desperate to find out how you enter, just hop over to ATD to see what things on their bucket list you've been lucky to tick off and post a photo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook of it with the hashtag #MyATDDisneyBucketlist, yes it is as easy as that, so what are you waiting for? go do it now and hopefully you may be lucky enough to win the trip and the GoPro they're giving away with it and good luck to everyone who enters.

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  1. Such a fab idea for a competition! I've only been to DLP once so I barely ticked anything off my list; hopefully there'll be a next time!! :) xx


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