My favourite photo spots in Disneyland

Disney trips have become more than running around the parks in whatever outfit I wake up and decide to put on that day, of course I am still there for the magic, the fun, the rides, the atmosphere and all the important things I've always visited for but the past year or so the photo opportunities have played a huge part in my trips, carefully planning outfits around what characters I'll be hopefully meeting on that day or what areas I plan to get those all important shots to post to Instagram.
If you follow any of the well known regular Disneyland visitors you'll probably be aware of all the amazing photo locations the parks have to offer, it's full of them from the Small World wall to Paradise Pier and so many more, it seems every week a new spot pops up too. In fact when I headed off on my last trip back in may (which you can read all about here), I was armed with a list of locations that I had to get photos in and also came across some unexpected new treasures, but enough with my rambling let's get on with the reason why you're actually here, to know my 5 of my top Disneyland and California Adventure photo spots

Top - River Island (similar) // Skirt - Enasbazaar

Sleeping Beauty's Castle - well obviously this couldn't not be listed could it, the iconic castle shots are one of, if not the most important photo of any Disney park visit. However my favourite spot for cast shots at Disneyland isn't actually directly in front of the castle like you'd probably expect, either side there are small walls to rest your tired legs while enjoying a beautiful view but they make a great spot for getting some great photos without people standing beside you or practically leaning on your shoulders, in fact if you keep walking past said wall towards the side of the castle/Snow White's wishing well there's a couple of gorgeous and usually quiet spots to grab some beautiful photos 

Snow White's Grotto - and speaking of Snow White's wishing well, the Snow White Grotto is another of my favourite spots especially for any Snow White fans, it has to be a must. In fact I planned an outfit because I thought it would make for cute photos in this area, it's such a cute little spot which I make sure I make a couple of visits to on every trip and never forget to make a wish while I'm there

Hair bow & tee pocket - Lottie Bounds // Bag - Danielle Nicole // Shorts - New Look (similar)

It's a small world wall - Probably one of the current most popular photo spots in Disneyland, and you can see why with it's gorgeous white and pastel blue colouring, Lottie & I loved getting photos here on our trip, in fact it was another place we stopped by one than once, well it is an iconic spot after all so it would have been rude not to take full advantage while we were there. One tip I would give though, try to get your shots as early in the day as possible because come afternoon it gets a little more tricky due to the sun beaming in the wrong areas and photos coming out dark or cloudy

Mickey's Toontown - photo's aside, this is one of my favourite areas in Disneyland park full stop, especially since it's no longer a thing in Disney World it seems even more special and definitely an area that's a must for spending time in and is full of so many backdrops for fun photos, which is why we actually spent a morning there having a little mini photo shoot

Ears and Skirt - Luby & Lola // Tee pocket - Lottie Bounds

Paradise Pier - I've come to number 5 and in this shocking moment have realised this is my only mention of a spot in DCA which isn't right because it does have so many great locations to take photos but I guess my heart is just in Disneyland itself (we're talking for photos because as a park DCA is definitely one of my faves), my number 1 spot in this fabulous park for photos is Paradise Pier and just before it, where you'd watch World of Color from, you get such a gorgeous backdrop of California Screamin' and Mickey's Fun Wheel from here and it was number 1 spot on my list for photos in DCA during my past trip

If you've been to Disneyland Resort, where are your favourite spots for taking photos?

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