Dressed with confidence

This years Disney trips have given me something beyond the obvious of happy, fun times, they've given me confidence, not a crap load but they've really helped. I know I always talk about Disney on here, it is mainly a Disney focused blog after all but I do like to try and cover other topics too but it just so happens that sometimes, even those come back to Disney in some way.
For a long time I've admired many of the well known Instagrammers/bloggers/you tubers with their confidence to post outfit photos in many great locations, they left me wishing I had that confidence too. The ability to take myself to many picture perfect spots and have some fun posing, getting those candid shots and sharing my outfits but I lacked the confidence for it, I didn't feel comfortable posing in public, I wasn't confident about how my body shape or rather lack of wore my outfits and generally just how unphotogenic I am. 
But this year I set myself a goal to get out of that mindset, to try and accept this is me and find my confidence in how I look and worry less about what passers by are thinking when I'm busy posing for photos in all sorts of situations and places, my trips to Disney have really helped with that. Mainly due to having so much fun shooting outfit photos in various Disney park locations with Lottie, Disney is probably the one place that nobody is going to look at you like you're crazy for taking 200 shots in the same spot to make sure you get the right angle, background, lighting and so on because let's face it, there are 10 other people doing just the same thing to the side of you, so it was a great place to start and get comfortable with the whole idea and after taking shots for my Disney Store turns 30 posts I wanted to do it all again so I popped on this gorgeous new dress from Pretty Little Thing and did just that :)

DRESS: PRETTY LITTLE THING (here) || SHOES: CARVELA (similar here & here

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