My favourite photo spots in Disneyland

Disney trips have become more than running around the parks in whatever outfit I wake up and decide to put on that day, of course I am still there for the magic, the fun, the rides, the atmosphere and all the important things I've always visited for but the past year or so the photo opportunities have played a huge part in my trips, carefully planning outfits around what characters I'll be hopefully meeting on that day or what areas I plan to get those all important shots to post to Instagram.

How do you afford Disney so often?

There's this one question I seem to get asked every time I mention I'm going or have booked another trip (usually to Disney, don't judge!) and to be honest I tend to find it a little rude and quite frankly none of anyones business, no offence meant there but it isn't is it? and that question is "how the heck can I afford to go away again" and the honest answer is, realistically I can't, well couldn't.

Dressed with confidence

This years Disney trips have given me something beyond the obvious of happy, fun times, they've given me confidence, not a crap load but they've really helped. I know I always talk about Disney on here, it is mainly a Disney focused blog after all but I do like to try and cover other topics too but it just so happens that sometimes, even those come back to Disney in some way.

Disney Wishlist

It's been some time since I've done a Disney wishlist but there's is so much cute stuff I've been eyeing up recently that I figured it was about time I shared some of it with you, just incase you want to part with your money for some lovely Disney goodies too, because we all like to spend on Disney, don't we?
I've actually been so good with spending recently, well good for me anyway and despite lusting over all these things and more I have managed to not purchase anything Disney related for a month or more which is really good going, let's see how long this all stays on my wishlist and not added to 'oops, I caved and purchased it' list, like most things I lust over do.

Rapunzel Journal - I fell in love with this the moment it was released and to be honest I cannot believe I've still managed to resist it, it's so beautiful and being an absolute notebook hoarder and huge Rapunzel/Tangled fan I can't see this not welcoming itself into my home soon

Lillian & Co Bracelet - I can't remember when I first spotted these beauties on Instagram but it was quite some time ago now and my eyes instantly popped open with love hearts in, I'm a sucker for Disney jewellery anyway but when it comes with some of my favourite Disney film quotes then I'm 100% sold

Mickey & Minnie flip flops - with another Disney cruise fast approaching, I am currently on the look out for necessities and these adorable flip flops definitely fit in that category, a girl needs some cute Disney footwear to go from the pool to the buffet every hour ;)

The Little Mermaid pyjamas - I used to love Primark for their Disney pjs but I'm finding the print is washing off faster than usual lately and it's making me look elsewhere for others, they might be a little more expensive but the quality is not doubt better

Baymax Mug - because what would be a wishlist without a mug? some of you probably know by now what a mug addict I am and being a huge Baymax fan this one had to make my current wishlist, now if the kind present fairy could make this appear in my life that would be fab haha!

'A walk in the park' Dooney & Bourke bag - For years now I've had my eye on the Sketch pattern but every time I'm in Disney World I can never find a placement that I love, you'll know how important this is if you're fussy like me and because of this I've not ended up buying it but now I think I may have found a new pattern to lust over and search for next time I'm in the US parks


Win a trip to Disney World

You may remember I wrote an updated Disney bucket list not too long ago, which I'm sure is going to take some years to tick everything off, well that's even if I can as there are a few things listed that aren't really much of a possibility but I like to dream and how dull would a bucket list be if it was full of easily achievable things.

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