Travel doesn't have to be expensive

I won't lie, when it comes to saving money or cutting costs I'm not exactly the best, I'll admit it, I'm just not frugal with money and I probably should be, well definitely better than I am anyway but well, you know life happens and those shoes and that dress are far more better sitting in my wardrobe ready to be worn than still sat in a shop with me wishing I owned them.
However, there is one aspect of my life's spending where I'm completely opposite to the usual me, in fact I even pride myself how good I am at saving money and being able to cut costs when it comes to this, and that's travel. It's probably because that's where most of my money goes and I know if I don't do it carefully I wouldn't be able to indulge on as many trips. Even my family and friends know to come to me when they're looking for holidays and trying to not pay over the top and I absolutely love being set the challenge of finding those deals, beating prices they've found and teaching them these all important few tricks I've learnt over the years

Save airmiles - this one is pretty obvious and something everybody should be doing, if you have a flight booked always check if the airline has a loyalty scheme and if so, make sure you join it. I also try and keep those miles being topped up in any extra ways I can, for example with Virgin Atlantic's flying club you can collect miles through their partner airlines & companies, car hire, day to day shopping and more, and thanks to this I've managed to earn enough miles to pay for flights on more than one occasion

Kayak/Skyscanner/Trivago - I cannot recommend these price comparison sites enough, if you're searching for flights, hotels or even car hire then I highly recommend you do a search on one of them before making any bookings. I find them so useful for finding the best prices on flights and hotels that are out there as they do all the hard work and search a lot of companies in one go, which is definitely easier and quicker than you spending hours and hours online searching them all one by one

Be flexible - that little tick box which says search +/- 3/7 days of dates, use it, always use it. Unless you're absolute stuck with having to go on certain dates it always pays to be flexible, I've often found flights cheaper just by going a day or 2 before/after the dates I initially planned and sticking with midweek to fly

Credit card - probably not what you're thinking, no I'm not telling you to rush out and book holidays on credit cards but they can come in very good use while abroad. If you can get one that is fee free for foreign transactions, they can be a great way to save a bit as the exchange rate is better than what you'd find on the high street, so do your spending on your card and as long as it's fee free for foreign transactions you'll save yourself money than if you took cash/prepaid currency cards etc

Cashback sites - there's plenty of them out there now and they can be a great way to make a little extra saving, I always make sure I check Quidco to see if they offer cashback for the particular airline/hotel/travel agent etc I'm about to book with and usually they do, it can be anything from about 2%-12% cutback on your spend which quickly adds up

What are some of your favourites ways to try and help you make savings when booking your travels?

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  1. I'm the same as you by the sounds of it. I'm not the best with being frugal but pride myself on my trip planning abilities! rewards and SkyScanner are definitely the DIY travellers best friends.


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