Things not to miss at Disney World

Disney World has been on my mind a lot recently, ok when isn't it? but it seems to be move than usual, the urge to get back to a place that feels like home and filled with happiness seems greater than ever and with my annual pass just sitting there and knowing I could just jump on a flight and walk into the parks without worrying about the cost of a ticket isn't helping.

But the truth is, it's practically July and I don't do holidays in July and August due to the disgusting extra costs just because it's school holidays and not having children or working in a school means I can avoid all these times throughout the year. But if I can't be at Disney World right now, the next best thing I could think of was to write about it and the fun things I'd be making sure I didn't miss if I was there right now, as I've previously discussed some of my favourites things to do at WDW outside the parks which you can read here, today I'm sticking to things inside the parks.

1. Mickey's Friendship Faire - I love this show, it's so cute and includes some of my favourite characters and not to mention it has the perfect stage setting at Cinderella's Castle. I remember when this replaced Dream Along with Mickey which I absolutely LOVED so I was pretty nervous for something new to come along and have to say goodbye to a much loved favourite but thankfully it did not disappoint and I definitely recommend giving it a watch if you're heading to WDW soon

2. Kilimanjaro Safari in the evening - If you read my posts on my WDW trip in February then you might remember me saying how much I loved being able to do the safari in the evening, as the sun was setting. It become a whole different experience and something I'll now never miss, I feel like the evening ride has become the new morning ride, most people's top tip was to make sure you headed here first thing on entering the park but honestly, I'd say my top tip is now to do it come evening, just as the sun is setting 

3. Eat at Teppan Edo - this was something that was on my bucket list for ages, since my trip in 2012 I was desperate to try it and just never got around to it until this year and I'm so glad I've finally tried it but I do wish it hadn't taken me so long because I feel like I've missed out on years of enjoying one of my absolute favourite WDW restaurants. The food, service and entertainment from the chef were just perfect and I think this will now be another must do on every visit

4. Meet Characters - Meeting characters has quickly become my favourite thing to do while in any Disney park and it's definitely something I recommend to make sure is on your list too. It's so much fun, full of magic and gives you those special Disney moments that make you realise just how much of a special place you're actually in

5. Ride Big Thunder at night - one of my absolute favourite rides and must do's in general, gets even better once the sun has gone down and the lights come on. If you've never jumped on this one of an evening then why not? next time you're in Magic Kingdom, make sure you do because a great ride becomes an amazing ride at night

If you were off to Disney World tomorrow what would be your must do's or the first thing you want to do?

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