Things not to be missed at Disneyland

My trip to Disneyland last month, which you can read about here, was my 3rd visit to Walt's original vision and I feel like I've now visited enough times to start being able to give my views and opinion on those must do's, the things to not be missed, the things to by pass and most importantly the food to eat because we all know that along with those ideal photo spots that food is up there with being one of the most important parts of a trip
But I'm not really here to talk purely food today, sorry if I got you over excited then. I actually want to share some of the things I don't think you should miss during your trip to Disneyland California, you'll be pleased to know I at least have food involved on my list

Watch Mickey and the Magical Map - my latest trip was the first time I got to see this as unfortunately it's only on at weekends, well when I've been anyway and I just missed the last show on my trip last year and boy am I sad I don't get to watch this every day of my life, it's definitely my favourite Disney show and I'm not ashamed to admit I've watched it quite often on YouTube since I've been back

Indiana Jones Adventure - I love doing this ride while at Disneyland because it's one of the unique ones, ok vehicle wise it's very similar to a ride at Disney World  and I won't be saying which as to not spoil it for those who don't want to know but everything else about it is unique and it's such a fun ride

Stroll around Cars Land - I'm not the biggest Cars fan, in fact I'm not really keen on it and have only watched it once, maybe I need to give it another watch soon, but I truly appreciate how well done this area of California Adventure is, whether it's day time or the night, it looks superb and Radiator Springs Racers is a ride not to be missed

Ride California Screamin' - If I had to pick a favourite ride from either of the two parks at Disneyland Resort it would probably be this one, I love a thrill ride and this being unique to the California resort makes it even more special, I always have to get as many rides on this as possible each trip

Toontown - One of my favourite areas in the Disneyland park is Toontown, since they took the equivalent away from Magic Kingdom in Disney World I make sure I spend quite a bit of time here when in Disneyland, it's such a cute area and I love Mickey & Minnie's houses, Donald's boat and all the other little spots, not to mention it's a perfect area for some fun photos

Drinks at Cove bar - I mean did you even step foot inside California Adventure if you didn't have one of the Instagram famous Cove Bar cocktails? not only are the cocktails photogenic but so is the location not to mention they taste just as good too and it's such a nice spot to sit, enjoy a drink and just rest those feet for a while

Enjoy the Disneyland band - one of my favourite things to do in the Disneyland park itself is grab an ice cream or another tasty Disney snack, sit by the castle and listen to the Disneyland band and it's even more fun when they're joined by Mickey & Co or Belle & the Beast

Pit stop at Cozy Cone - stopping by here for a tasty snack is definitely on my list of recommendations, I'm not a fan of cheese, hope you can all forgive me, so I skipped the Bacon Mac & Cheese cone which everyone seems to go for an opted for the Chilli one, I wasn't expecting too much so I was hugely happy when I took my first taste and thought I'd died and gone to heaven, this is one of the tastiest treats I've had a Disney and if you're looking for something a little different definitely stop by here and try one 

Walk in Walt's footsteps tour - If this is within your budget then please, please don't miss it, if you can get a space booked then I highly recommend you do. It was actually something I did on my 2nd visit last September and probably the best thing I've ever done at Disneyland, a lot of the facts I did know but it was so much fun being guided around parts of the park, told stories and facts and not to mention shown around the Dream suite

If you've been to Disneyland Resort before what are your favourite things to do there?

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  1. I've never made it to Disneyland, but I have been to Disney World. I'm hoping to make it to Disneyland one day, since they have so much that Disney World doesn't have (or didn't have when I went so many years ago). Thanks for all the tips. The one about Mickey and the Magical Cap only being on during the weekends is one I'll have to keep in mind.


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