My ASOS summer wishlist

Summer is not only my favourite season for the beautiful weather, long light days and all the ice cream a girl can encounter but it's also my favourite for shopping too, gone are the heavy coats that drive me crazy when trying to drive, the dark colours in literally everything, hello shops but just because it's dull out that doesn't mean your clothes have to be too and quite frankly, I love that I don't need 5 tops piled on for when I'm outside and then walk inside and feel like I'm going to pass out because said layers plus stores heating is just a horrible combo.
My ASOS wish list just seems to be growing and growing at the moment, it's full of cute summer dresses, bight coloured tops and far too many denim shorts that I could ever need to get me through our short but sweet summer. I always find I want to hunt for new clothes so much more in the summer than any other time of the year, I love when people post their great finds and gorgeous summer playsuits on Instagram or even better, a post full of beautiful fashion finds and in case you're like me, I wanted to return the favour and here are just a few picks from my current ASOS saved items.

Dresses -

Tops -
Denim -
Shoes -

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